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Rudy Bundini Shows the World How Fast Life Can Change

Rudy Bundini has been making headlines in recent weeks, appearing in several of the world’s top publications, modeling for some of the biggest brands in the world and recently becoming the newest face of Nike.

The humbled Bundini has been able to take advantage of his athletic physique that was built during years as a swimmer on the national team and also as a heavyweight boxer, where he won a gold medal in the Azerbaijan international boxing tournament.

Life for Rudy Bundini has been a rollercoaster. Once a budding heavyweight boxer who was projected to make it to the London Olympic games, he severely injured his shoulder in a pre-qualifying match for the Olympics. He continued to fight in the last two rounds of the fight, with his shoulder severely damaged. He won the match and was transferred to the hospital, where doctors performed surgery on him and told him that he would have to hang up his gloves.

Rudy went on to focus on his education when he was recovering, receiving a master’s degree in mechanical engineering-applied science. After graduation, he continued a career that he thought was long behind him: modeling. Bundini was scouted as a model when he was 20, but he put most of his time and energy into the sports he loved.

Bundini would focus on his career as a model, using his physique and unique look to land modeling gigs in New York City. He would go on to sign with a few modeling agencies and has been featured in editorials, publications, ads, campaigns, catwalks and billboards in New York.

He has become a model for many major brands during New York City fashion week, where he has modeled for some of the largest brands in the world, including: Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein and is now the newest face of Nike. His Nike commercial was a viral hit, pushing Bundini’s exposure to new heights after millions of views on social media.

He has also been featured in music videos for Ariana Grande, and has become one of the most successful male models in the commercial and fashion world.

Bundini’s life has changed quickly, from promising boxer to depression followed by graduating college and becoming one of the world’s top models in one of the most competitive cities in the world: New York. He remains humble using his birthday to promote the “Hope for Depression Research Foundation,” which he raised over $500 to support.

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