Remi Landau – Great TV Shows To Download For The Flight

Despite things slowing down so much this year, we have seen some brilliant TV shows grace our screens, which make for the perfect thing to watch on a flight. Of you have done of those mid-range flight times then a movie isn’t always the best idea and you get interrupted all of the time. TV shows have natural interruptions and so this is why they make the most sense. Let’s take the Mumbai to Dubai flight time as an example here, a 3 hour 15-minute flight, which should see you squeeze in 3 or 4 chapters of a new TV show, and here are some ideas as to what you can watch.

Queen’s Gambit

Wow, what a pick this is, recommended to me by TV and film critic Remi Landau, this show charts the incredible story of a young orphan who has a natural gift when it comes to playing chess. The child prodigy quickly climbs the rankings but as well as she does, her life is spiraling out of control, can she get things under control before a grand competition against the Russians? Only time will tell.

The Crown

The Crown has in fact just released its fourth season and if you are yet to see this series then it is something that you are going to love. The show documents the life and times of the British Royal Family, from the Queen’s coronation right up to the current point in time. The fourth season covers the 80s, and we can expect to see this series bring things right up to the current day. Some fabulous acting and some great perspectives of how life is as a royal.

Dirty John

The woman who thought she had met the man of her dreams discovers the dark truth about exactly who he is and what he has done throughout his life. This story is doubled up with the tale of a woman who hoodwinked a man and his family into thinking that she was an angel when she was anything but. The two tales differ, but the themes around each remain the same, and that is treachery and deception.


Sarah Paulsen plays a phenomenal role in this excellently shot TV show which follows Nurse Ratched, who first came to prominence following the Jack Nicholson movie One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest. Ratched schemes and plots to save her adopted brother after he commits a heinous act. This series keeps you guessing all the way through as to whether or not the character is good or bad, ultimately we never really find out.

Game of Thrones

If you do have a long flight coming up then the perfect way to pass the time is with an epic TV show which will whisk you off into a fantasy world or treachery, love, violence, and ambition, and Game of Thrones is the perfect option. At seven seasons long and an hour per episode, this is the perfect solution to keep you entertained for a flight that will take up the majority of a day.

These are some great options for your in-flight TV show.