Reasons for such vaping popularity

Electronic cigarette smokers are getting more. According to the latest study of the World Health Organization, since 2000 the number of smokers of regular cigarettes in the world has decreased: if in 2000 there were 1.14 billion smokers, now it is 1.1 billion people. But with respect to electronic cigarettes, the opposite trend is observed.

The number of vapers – electronic cigarette smokers – has grown rapidly in recent years. If in 2011, 7 million people smoked electronic cigarettes, then in 2016, already 35 million people smoked. Euromonitor, an analyst firm, estimates that by 2021, the number of adults who smoke electronic cigarettes will reach 55 million.

People spend more money on e-cigarettes

The market is growing along with the increase in the number of vapers. Nowadays the global market of dab vape pen is estimated at $ 22 billion – five years ago this figure was $ 4.2 billion less. Most vapes are sold in the United States, Japan, and Britain. Vapers in these three countries in 2016 spent 16.5 billion dollars on smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes. Among the countries with the largest sales of electronic cigarettes – Sweden, Italy, Norway, and Germany.

The open types of electronic cigarettes are more popular.

There are two main types of electronic cigarettes – open and closed (open and closed reservoir systems). In open systems, the tank can be independently filled with liquid that evaporates from the tank. Such dab pens from, as a rule, are equipped with a replaceable mouthpiece, and look like long ball-point pens.

In electronic cigarettes of the closed type, ready-made cartridges filled with liquid are used. Since 2011, the popularity of open electronic cigarettes has begun to grow. This type is preferred by former smokers.

Most electronic cigarettes are bought in specialized stores.

According to the Ernst & Young report, most vapers buy electronic cigarettes in specialized stores. In 2015, 35% of smokers from Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, and South Korea purchased electronic cigarettes in specialized stores.

It can be assumed that consumers prefer to buy their first best wax pen in specialized offline stores to learn more about the new product for them and for the consultants in the store to help them make their choice. In Britain, which is the largest e-cigarette market in Europe, there are about 2,000 specialty stores selling e-cigarettes.

According to a study by Ernst & Young, most vapers in the countries where research was conducted are convinced that electronic cigarettes are not as unhealthy as regular cigarettes.
About 49% of vapers reported that switching to e-cigarettes was for them one of the ways to quit smoking.

Public Health England has published a report on the smoking wax vape, according to which vaping really poses less of a health hazard than regular cigarettes. The report also says that there is no reason to suppose that smoking electronic cigarette may push young people to smoke ordinary cigarettes.

What harm and benefits of vaping?

There are no large-scale studies that would demonstrate a clear and unified point of view about the impact of electronic cigarettes and vapor devices on the health of people and people around them. This is explained by the fact that people began to smoke (vape) relatively recently – about 3-5 years ago. Such a small period of time is not enough for serious research about the harm of vaping.

Of the benefits: in electronic devices, the combustion products are completely absent – particles of soot and tar. These substances are usually deposited on the mucous membranes of the lungs, bronchial tubes, upper respiratory tract, which causes a violation of their functions and eventually leads to the development of some diseases of these organs. Smokers of ordinary cigarettes have yellow teeth due to burning products, smell and taste sensations deteriorate. Those who prefer wax pens will be able to avoid these troubles. Another advantage of electronic cigarettes can be considered the absence of effects on the respiratory organs of hot scalding smoke. In combination with nicotine, high temperatures increase the risk of carcinogenic processes.

Often, vapers do not know the true composition of the vaping fluid. According to recent studies, in addition to the stated components, the liquid usually contains undeclared substances. So, it may contain nicotine, although it is said that it does not exist. The Lung diseases Association of the United States writes: even if some manufacturers indicate that the liquid does not contain nicotine, it can still contain it. Sample fluid tests for electronic devices showed a higher concentration of nicotine than what is written on the label.

The results of a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine show that wax vape pen causes less harm to human health than regular ones. Scientists, after studying the state of the body of volunteers, found that in the blood of smokers of electronic cigarettes, using these devices as a replacement for the usual, for half a year less toxic and carcinogenic compounds accumulate than smokers who smoke regular cigarettes with tobacco, so it can be an excellent alternative to regular smoking. That is why more and more people want to try it.

Electronic cigarettes can also be dangerous. Only not because during their smoking harmful substances that violate the metabolism enter the human body. And because in some cases the battery of such devices explodes. Especially often this happens when using inexpensive devices or when customizing electronic cigarettes. In the vaper environment, this method is commonly used to increase the efficiency of the device, as a result of which more steam can be obtained.

Electronic cigarette looks stylish. You should not argue, vape looks cool, which is why manufacturers make a great emphasis on design and style. A nice steel mode in the hands, a large amount of steam and the delicious smell of liquid are somehow tempting to others.
Unlike tobacco smoking, which has become popular only because of nicotine addiction, to which a person gets used for 2-4 weeks, vaping can bring not only benefits (a good way to quit smoking in principle), but also allow you to relax and try something new.

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