Reality of Investments: What is possible to invest in today

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Misconceptions and the Reality of Investments

In today’s world, the reality of investments is rather misunderstood. You see people around you often discouraging you from investing your money. Citing all kinds of stories, why investments fail, why some investments are scams, and that the global economy is so saturated, that there’s no way to make easy money, anywhere on earth. While there’s an element of truth, to all these claims, the big picture is that there are always good, genuine opportunities available, and the world economy never reaches perfect saturation. The good news is that you can find great investments today, investments matching your personal preferences and your passion. You can actually invest even small amounts of money in crash-proof markets, such as the antiques market. You can expect that your investment will never go down in value, and if it is a good one, it will make over 7% per year. If it’s a bad one, it will make 5% to 7% per year. It’s a tricky, but stress-free market which always has something to offer. And it never gets saturated for the simple fact that people don’t live forever. Even if you assume that antique collectors live to be 120 years old, there are so many of them, that practically, and with mathematical accuracy, 1000s of them pass away every day. Their antique collections are passed onto their children, but due to a lack of passion they auction them off at ultra low prices. This is why the antiques market never gets saturated, and this is also why the world is not a static place. Other investments also never get saturated. The only issue with the antiques market is that is quite illiquid, is like buying real estate in an illiquid area. Except that you don’t have to pay any tax for most of these antiques. According to Investor Greg research the antiques market should be part of your portfolio, and part of all retirement investment portfolios too.

The Reality of Investments on the More Liquid Areas

The most liquid market today, is the foreign exchange market. They say it’s risky, and it actually is, no financial market works without risk. But it is one of the best markets for wise investors and traders who think originally. Investing money wisely is all about being an original thinker. Successful forex trading and investing has almost nothing to do with those popular trading methods, because they don’t really work. Real opportunity in forex trading comes from new trading ideas, and peculiar methods of analysis. Many wise investors out of those listed in Forbes magazine, do invest in the forex market, as do many investment banks. And each one of them does it in a different way. Some investors prefer to profit from the interest rate differentials in the currency market, while some others trade directionally. The market is very liquid, and risk is actually variable, you can practically adjust the level of risk through more sophisticated trades. But more importantly, the forex market impacts all the people of the world, even non traders. So it’s a market which has to be taken into account whether you are a joint venture capitalist, a real estate investor, or an import-export businessman. The forex market determines the true cost of your business. And even the antiques market is impacted, when you decide to sell an antique, you can sell it through an auction house in New York, in Germany, in London, Switzerland or in China. And hammer prices, as seen by outside sellers, do change dramatically from year to year due to the impact of the forex market.