Ready To Sleep: How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Needs

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Photo by Nathan Oakley on Unsplash

There could be various reasons as to why a person decides to buy a new mattress. Some purchase new ones to replace their old mattresses, and some may have moved to bigger and better houses, while some need to upgrade the right kind of mattress for them. No matter what made you think of buying a mattress, the most important thing you should never forget is to get a mattress that’s best for your lifestyle.

When you want to upgrade or buy your first bedroom mattress, it could be a bit confusing with all sorts of options you will see. But, do not panic and read down below as here are some relevant tips on how you could effectively choose the right type of mattress.

Ask About the Various Mattress Types

Asking the salesperson about their products will help you learn more about the perks and cons of each type. In this way, you gain an understanding of which mattress you should get. You could also ask about the best bed that they have in their stores to guide you. You must gain insights about each to weigh your choices wisely and arrive at a good decision. Here are some mattress types you might find interesting.

Innerspring Mattresses

It’s no wonder if you have ever encountered this type of mattress in your grandparent’s houses. This mattress has been existing long ago and is considered the oldest and most used type of mattress. This mattress has a metal wire system that helps it keep its shape and give extra support.

Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses are famous in Japan as traditional beds. Typically, this mattress consists of a polyester covering, wool, and even latex. If you live with kids in your household who tend to fall off their beds during their sleep, a futon mattress is a great choice because it does not require to be placed on top of a bed frame, and you could lie it down directly on the floor every time you sleep which also helps you save space.

Bed in a Box

Bed in a box are mattresses that go through a compression process via machine and are then placed inside a box to be ready for its delivery. Typically, this is the way mattresses go through when purchased online. In terms of its performance, it’s comfortable too and easy to fit in tiny spaces if you plan on transferring it from one place to another.

Hybrid Mattresses

When you decide to get a hybrid mattress, it’s like having a blend of every mattress type made into one. This mattress is famous among people who like to enjoy and value a good bounce in their mattress. Also, it comes in various firmness levels so you could choose which one you want to have.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are inflatable mattresses. If you want to have the most convenient type of mattress, you could never go wrong with air mattresses as they are an excellent option for sleepovers, outdoor campings, unexpected trips, and more. Not to mention, setting it up is quick and easy too.

Be Aware of the Price Range

Mattresses vary in price. It would be best to have a budget beforehand so that you arrive at the mattress shop financially ready, and you only need to consider looking for the specific features of each mattress.

Mattresses are not cheap. But, that’s reasonable too because the process that mattresses go through is very detailed, and they are made to be durable to be used for a long time. Also, keep in mind that mattresses are priced based on their size, materials used, comfort layers, and so many more. But, even though mattresses are costly, not all expensive mattresses are good for all people. It still varies what feels excellent and comfortable for you- sometimes even on the cheapest ones!

Know Your Shopping Options

There are a lot of different ways on how you could purchase a mattress- either online or in-store. Before, you had to get ready, and you were encouraged to visit the nearest mattress shops around your city, but now, with just some scrolling and clicking on your devices, you could have a mattress delivered right in front of your doorsteps.

Buying online and in-store has both advantages. If you buy online, you can save money from the fare going to the store, and you do not need to get up and wear presentable clothes in public because you can purchase a mattress even if you’re sitting on a mattress. On the contrary, purchasing in-store helps you know more about the product since you could see it face to face and try lying on it if the store permits.


It has long been proven that having a great place to sleep will help you sleep better, regulate positive emotions, and relax at night. This is why getting proper sleep is a must. If you notice, no matter what age you are, whether you’re a child or an adult, sleep is as essential as it is.

Being sleep deprived from not having the perfect mattress for your lifestyle could affect your life in various aspects- especially on your spine health so refer to the guide above for some tips on choosing a mattress.