Ray Lewis tackles the ‘Importance of Community’

Ray Lewis was one of the speakers Thursday at a groundbreaking ceremony for a multi-million dollar community engagement project.

The legendary No. 52 of the Baltimore Ravens, (now an NFL Hall of Fame Member), was at the top of his game in his moving remarks.

Lewis underscored the importance of community and of the need for the individual to give back to it and to “affect people.”

Lewis recalled how in his own life, where his “daddy didn’t pay that much attention” to him growing up, he was able to find compassionate “father figures” among the many sports coaches that had touched his then-young life.

The event took place, before a capacity audience, at 16 S. Poppleton St. in Southwest Baltimore. Lewis is a board member of the UMB Foundation. To learn more about this splendid development, check out the BBJ coverage.