How to Properly Clean a Diamond Ring

Every woman enjoys watching her shiny engagement ring sparkle in the light. Sometimes, though, engagement rings end up in situations that are less than desirable. Washing dishes, putting on lotion, and even doing basic everyday activities can lead to a less than a sparkling ring. So what’s the best way to clean up a ring that may have lost some sparkle? We looked to experts to find out.

What Not to Do

You may have seen ultrasonic cleaners on the market, which are intended to use sound vibrations to clean jewelry. Many question whether these are safe for us to clean your engagement ring or other jewelry.

The short answer is, it depends. For some jewelry, it can be perfectly safe, but for more important pieces, it may not be worth the risk. Err on the side of caution when it’s a piece you care about.

You’d also do best to stay away from household cleaners when sprucing up your engagement rings. Bleach, chlorine, and acetone can break down metals in the ring. Abrasive cleaning options, like baking soda, can scratch the metals of the ring.

The Best Options 

The absolute best option is to take your ring into a jewelry store, simply because these companies know rings and are less likely to make a costly mistake. Different gemstones have different needs, and the strength of the metal will relate to what sort of cleaners and brushes are appropriate.

If you would rather not head into the jeweler’s and want to do a quick clean at home, that is possible too. You will need a sink or basin with water, a soft-bristled toothbrush, and a drop or two of dishwashing soap. Grab your ring and the items then on to how to clean that ring!

You are going to fill up a basin or sink with warm to hot water, then add a touch of the dishwashing soap.

Once you have worked those two ingredients together, simply add your ring. You are going to let it soak for ten to fifteen minutes.

After that’s done, check for any remaining debris and gently scrub it off with the toothbrush you have.

Your ring should be ready for a rinse, so plug your drain and let warm water run over it. Make sure the top and bottom of the ring are both allowed to pass through the water to be sure all soap is removed.

Then take your ring and dry it with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the metal, and allow it to air dry for a while before putting it back where it goes.

How Often Should the Ring Be Cleaned?

How often to do a quick clean of the ring is another common question. Finding an answer to that proves a bit tricky. Some women prefer to do it monthly, others weekly, and still others do a quick clean every morning before work.

You do not have to do it even every week if that seems overwhelming. There is no magic number of days in which you should wait, as every person is different. If you’re wearing your ring out while you garden or are otherwise constantly getting it dirty, you may need more often cleaning than someone who isn’t.

Choose a time frame that works for you and schedule it in so you do not forget it. You can always clean more often, as there is no such thing as cleaning it too frequently, just as with anything else.

Other Important Notes 

While you can get away with home cleaning of the ring in most cases, you should stop back in to see the jeweler at least once or twice a year. A deep cleaning by a professional can make your ring look just as nice as the day it was first slipped on your finger.

So clean your engagement ring without much trouble using the guide above. You will end up thanking yourself. And best of all, you’ll have a ring that continues to sparkle and catch eyes for years into the future.