Proper HRV Function will Clear the air

A Heat Recovery Ventilator or HRV is something that is integrated within the duct-work to a home and is usually found near the furnace unit. Its job is to expel any types of stale air out of the house and bring in fresh air from the outside to go throughout the space without the loss of heat. If an HRV is properly serviced, it has the potential of saving energy costs while keeping the indoor environment clean and healthy.

Extending the life of the HRV and maintaining the efficiency can be achieved through regular servicing throughout the year with an appliance repair in Hamilton. There are also things that can be done by the homeowner in between servicing that will sustain HRV functionality in order that HRV repair is needed less frequently.

Tips For Keeping HRV Functioning In Between Servicing

As a homeowner, it’s important to do everything possible to maintain the various systems inside the home and this includes the HRV. The costs for an appliance repair in Hamilton to come in and do HRV repair due to lack of regular servicing, as well as homeowner upkeep, could be significant.

  • The first thing that needs to be done as a homeowner prior to doing any type of upkeep is to turn the HRV off for safety purposes.

  • Air filters. Next, it is important to clean, replace if necessary, all of the air filters. Ventilation efficiency is going to be reduced when the air filters are dirty or clogged. The recommendation is that this is done every two months. In cleaning, the filters need to be vacuumed and washed with water and mild soap.

  • Intake/Exhaust hoods. Check outside with the intake and exhaust hoods in order to take out any type of debris such as leaves or trash, or any other type of items that may be blocking the vents which will keep the HRV from properly functioning.

  • Condensate drain. If the HRV has a condensate drain which is a plastic tube or pipe that comes out the bottom, it should have 2 liters of water poured gradually into the drain pans in the HRV.  The drain should be cleaned until the water is able to flow freely.

  • Heat exchange. Vacuuming and washing with clean water and soap over the heat exchange core is going to reduce the amount of dust that will build up in the core.

  • Gently brush the fan blades in order to remove dirt that may have accumulated.

These few steps along with regular annual maintenance and obtaining HRV repair as needed will keep the HRV running at optimal performance. In allowing an appliance repair in Hamilton to maintain the service, there will never be a need to be concerned over ventilation problems inside the home. The HRV will not only improve the air quality but it will improve the overall energy efficiency throughout the house. The benefits of an HRV are numerous, but only if it is able to perform as it should.