Private Tutoring: Is it Effective in Improving Academic Performance?

When children accomplish and execute a good performance in academics, it, undoubtedly, brings a smile on their parents’ lips. However, when a child’s performance is sluggish, consequently causing a considerable drop in marks or grades; parents get concerned and resort to asking too many questions in an effort to know what exactly has gone wrong. A number of reasons such as lack of concentration, impoverished learning environment, and even a bad teacher could be behind the fall of a child’s academic performance. However, one of the major reasons, for the same, is high competition and ever growing syllabus which makes it very hard and problematic for the children to cope up with their studies, ultimately losing engrossment, concentration as well as interest.

These are the grounds on which the trend of private tutoring or home tuition is gaining popularity. Private tutoring is capable and efficacious in improving a student’s marks or grades. Apart from this; private tutoring amends and betters the practical understanding of a variety of topics. Following are the advantages or benefits of private or home tuition for students:

  • One-to-One Attention

A private tutor, unlike a teacher in an educational institute, is focused on only one student. This way they can work at your child’s speed. Every child has a different speed of learning and the teacher at the educational organization cannot work on an individual basis. Consequently, your child can miss important topics and key points. A private tutor can help your child to pick up those points by explaining the topics again from scratch.

Moreover, apart from speed, the learning style of your kid can be different from others. He/she might prefer to learn from text or rely on diagrams and maps. A private tutor can better understand a kid’s learning style and provide services according to that only. Ultimately, your child learns better and is able to perform much better in the academics.

  • Flexible, Favorable & Accessible

A private tutor can customize his/her schedule according to your child’s needs and can come up whenever it is best accustomed to your kid. Hence, a proper timetable can be made leaving your child enough time to pursue his/her hobbies or outdoor sports. Moreover, your child will know that this part of the day is dedicated to academics and will be able to focus and concentrate better.

  • Teaching beyond Textbooks

In a school, a teacher is limited to teaching from textbooks. However, a private tutor can go much beyond the rugged textbooks and use more interesting materials to help a child learn the concepts. This way, there is a little scope of your child getting bored and he/she will be able to learn and retain the information better.

  • Saves a Parent’s Time & Effort

As your kid gets older; studies might become more challenging for parents and they might not be able to help them, as efficiently as earlier, in their studies. Moreover, busy work schedules make it tough to take time out to help your kid with his/her homework. Private tutors enable the parents to free themselves from this responsibility. This way parents can spend time with their children working on other activities rather than fussing over the advanced academic concepts.


Private tutoring does have its own benefits and advantages. However, a parent must take care that their child mustn’t feel pressured and his/her extra-curricular activities mustn’t suffer. This could have a negative impact on your child’s academic as well as overall physical and mental development. Find a private tutor who can adjust to your child’s schedule and the one who, rather than spoon-feeding, provides your kid with a right direction and a motivation to succeed.

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  • August 14, 2019 at 2:35 AM

    I am a tutor and as per my opinion, private tutoring is the best way to improve academics performance. So if your child is poor in their academics performance then you should give a try to private tuition. It will really work.

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