Praise the Lord, I got my ride

Roadside Rescue Mission

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord I got my ride

My car broke down, it won’t start

I’m going to miss my flight

Praise the Lord, I got my ride

After a pivotal ride, I penned the words to this traditional Southern Gospel-style song. The ride “rang the bell” in my mind, heart, and soul that the rideshare experience was much more than transporting people from point A to point B.

No, many rides, if not most rides, are rescue missions of a sort.

Physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The human condition.


I responded to a pick-up request and pulled up on a family of five, with bags of luggage strewn about on a busy roadside.

The car driver ran up to me frantically speaking in broken English.

“My wife and children are late for the airport. They cannot miss their flight. Hurry, hurry!”

The wife was quite upset with tears running down her face. The younger children were clinging to her leg.

We immediately got into gear.

They had too much luggage for my Honda Civic, so I pulled out the bungee tie-down straps in my trunk and loaded most of the bags inside with the trunk strapped down and open. Also, the family had to put the smaller bags on their laps during the drive.

While we were loading the trunk, the father explained that his wife’s mother was dying and that’s why they were so concerned about missing the flight.

Throughout this process, several family members kept shouting, “Thank you, Jesus! Praise God! We got our ride! Hallelujah!”

These words, shouted and sung, were the soundtrack of the entire 45-minute ride to the airport.

The father stayed behind with the broken-down vehicle. He hugged his wife and children and we hit the road.

Immediately the shouts of praise and singing began. This happy emotional output continued until we pulled up at the Departure gate.

We unloaded the car, and I helped get them a cart and connected them with someone to guide them to check-in.

We hugged, smiled, fist-pounded, and parted ways.

To some drivers, this could have been a painful and irritating experience.

I imagine them driving away from the curb and yelling, “Praise the Lord this ride is over!”

But for me, I was bathing in the joy and celebration of this family.

I was soaking in the moment, and grateful to be an essential part of helping to turn a difficult situation around for this family.

I was honored to share in their life and happiness.

For me, the creative floodgates were opened as I realized a greater purpose in this thing known as rideshare.

That day, I was also rescued.

Contraction Time

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord I got my ride

I feel the baby wants to pop

I hope my water doesn’t break

Praise the Lord, I got my ride

Photo by Bob Reilly

Local News Headline: A rideshare driver helps deliver a baby on the way to the hospital

That was the repeating banner running through my mind during our ride.

The note on my rideshare app alerted me to the urgency of the ride before I arrived at the pickup location. The person had an emergency and needed to get to the hospital ASAP.

When I pulled up, I hopped out of my vehicle, opened the rear passenger side door, and helped her inside.

I sensed that she was hurting and anxious.

“Ohhhhh,” She moaned in pain from the backseat. I’m so sorry. I think I might be going into labor. My contractions are only 10 minutes apart, but I feel like I’m ready to pop!”

I told her to relax and assured her everything would work out.

“The hospital is only 15 minutes away. You will be fine.”

I’ve moved many pregnant women around throughout my driving history, however, this ride had me a little concerned. With every gasp and painful cry, I was glued to my phone app’s Estimated-Time-of-Arrival.

I was counting down the minutes.

Seven, six, five………

We finally arrived.

I ran inside the hospital Emergency door. I found a blue-garbed person who grabbed a wheelchair and helped my rider out of the car.


The pregnant woman grabbed my hand after she was settled in the wheelchair and heading towards motherhood.

“Thank you so much.”

“Of course, you will be a great Momma. You’re in great hands now.”

As she was wheeled inside, I experienced a rapid-fire flash-brain episode in which I saw my daughter, sisters, mother, grandmother, and the woman through the generations carrying their children.

Even through all time itself.

The experience of pregnancy and the miraculous wonder of birth.



My “Rideshare by Robert” blog continues with new stories based on my published book, “Rideshare by Robert: Every Ride’s a Short Story.” The book, and the blog, are short stories about actual rides, observations, revelations, and reflections on the rideshare experience. I hope you will find the writings informational with humor and compassion for the human family.

So, climb in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to “Rideshare by Robert.”

A place where anything can happen and usually does.


I have tried to provide anonymity to all individuals portrayed in my writings while maintaining the story’s integrity. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. And, in some cases, the not-so-innocent. I have substituted the characteristics of individuals in my writings to further my attempt to maintain anonymity. Conversations and other details are based on my best recollection and notes. Although I have spent time driving with many celebrities and public figures over the years, I’ve intentionally omitted their names in my writings. I’ve also modified actual locales along with other details such as when and where the rides occurred to maintain my objective of rider privacy and anonymity.

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