Daytripping with Stops at the Nautilus Diner, Towson Diner, Pikes Diner and Crab House and Antietam National Battlefield

Okay, once again I ask you to bring along your appetites as we visit three restaurants and then take a walk through a national battlefield.

We’ll begin in Towson where you’ll find two of my favorite diners. The first is Nautilus Diner, 2047 York Road Timonium. Open seven days, daily specials, breakfast all day, full bar, parking around the building, locally owned by Teddy and three other men, but run most of the time by Irene.

Desserts are homemade, and you see can them in a case as soon as you enter. Reservations aren’t a bad idea on weekends. When I go on a Sunday there’s usually a short wait. But the place is big so the wait is indeed short. I always get very good service. I was a bit surprised when a friend of mine a few years ago asked if I had the matzoh ball soup there. Never even thought of ordering it, until one day I did. Now I get it every time I go. Of course, there are many food choices besides breakfast items. I also like the veggie burger…410-561-9236…

Towson Diner, (Photo by Eddie Applefeld)

Now let’s turn left and head down York Road and arrive at the Towson Diner, 718 York Road. Open seven days, breakfast all day, an 11-page menu so get there early, it may take you awhile to decide…in business since 1957, parking around the building, local owned by Nick and Sam, catering, and lots of menu items to select, from salad to Greek favorites….410-321-0407…

Pikes Diner (Photo by Eddie Applefeld)

Now we head to Pikesville and the Pikes Diner and Crab House (are you detecting a theme), 921 Reisterstown Road Pikesville. Open seven days (let’s face it all diners are), patio seating, I love how they play the oldies throughout the restaurant, plenty of parking, reservations suggested for 10 or more, daily food and drink specials, breakfast all day, locally owned, a summer salad special, crabs year round (never pre-steamed), Thursday is Henny Penny chicken night and their menu goes from lots of seafood to pasta, pizza and Mexican. However, I like their chocolate chip pancakes.

By the way, in the front of the building is the Next Act Cinema (a movie house).  You can see a movie and then enjoy a meal, or the other way around. And while waiting for your meal check out the many statues. See how many you can identify….410-653-5545

Okay enough already with the eating. Let’s educate ourselves. So here we go to Sharpsburg in Washington County and pay our respects at the Antietam National Battlefield. During one battle, September 17, 1862, over 23,000 soldiers were, killed, wounded, or went missing. About 4,800 soldiers are buried in the National Cemetery. The battle ended the Confederate army of Northern Virginia’s first invasion into the North and led to Abraham Lincoln’s issuing the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. There are 96 monuments, a visitor center (8:30-5 daily) and pets on a leash are welcome.

There are other activities besides looking at the monuments. Their website lists biking, hiking, fishing, camping, and wildlife viewing. One of the most recognizable structures on the battlefield is Dunker Church, it ranks as perhaps one of the most famous churches in American military history. During the battle, it was the focal point of several Union attacks against the Confederacy.

If you’re into history, Antietam is a must….301-432-5124

Okay, there you have it. Thanks for reading. Now go out and enjoy yourself.

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