Porter Ranch ignored by politicians outraged over water in Flint, Michigan

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If you ask my wife, I spend too much time pouring through Facebook posts. For the most part, I don’t care about the cute, precious, precocious, or horrific videos people post. I try to maintain a balance of perspectives from a variety of conservative and liberal sites and do not care if my “friends” are blatant left wing socialists or right wing separatists.

What I look for are articles that will make me think about my own perspectives and allow me to make my own observations about just how hypocritical someone’s thinking might be.

Recently, I have been struck by the comments made by people over the Flint, Michigan water crisis. It amazes me how people will try to make this an issue about race (this would never happen in a city filled with white people) or politics (you never see this stuff happen under democratic leadership). I love to point out how out here in Jerry World, aka California, we have a lovely white community called Porter Ranch where thanks to a gas leak for five months, schools have been closed, children suffer nose bleeds and breathing difficulties, and 2,500 families have had to be relocated thanks to a leak so horrific, it has completely undone ten years worth of emissions reduction in this state. It is, if you are a greenhouse-concerned citizen, the single worst disaster of its kind.

And yet, I can’t help but notice how few concerned Flint Stone Throwers are clueless to what is going on out here under Gov. Greenhouse Jerry’s watch. Why did it take him months to declare it a state emergency? Maybe it was because he was too busy traveling the world and attending conferences touting California’s lead in repairing the ozone or perhaps he forgot to get off at his stop on his high speed train to no where.

Then there is Hillary Clinton, who was quick to get in on what a serious problem Flint has become. I am sure she has a 27-page plan to fix it and another 489-page plan designed to repair all our water problems without having to raise taxes on anyone but the wealthy.

However, she remains silent on Porter Ranch. Why is this? It’s possible she knows nothing about it. However, more likely it has to do with her assumption she has already locked up the California vote so why call out a problem in a state where she risks angering the left wing governor who can deliver her much needed votes? Michigan is a state very much in play politically so she will use Flint to drive a wedge, a racial and political one at that, to get their votes.

What happens when California’s aging gas, water, and sewer lines fall apart and the state becomes unlivable? Under a largely Democrat-controlled state, the infrastructure here is a mess and the only plan our governor can come up with is to add more taxes. What he refuses to admit is we once had a tremendous tax base in this state but because of far left policies passed by the most insane state legislature anywhere, we have nothing to brag about as a state any more.

Gov. Brown announced in his State of the State address it is time to add new taxes to repair our deplorable roads. Again, his solution is centered around punishing the dwindling tax-paying population, the very people who have paid taxes and remained in California only to see Brown pour money into social programs that have increased our population of non-tax paying citizens and non-citizens while taxpayers flee to other states.

Water, sewer, and gas lines that are long past their life expectancy crisscross this state. If they do not crumble and fall apart on their own, we are one good ground fart away from Mother Nature doing it for us. Does Jerry — If It Is Brown Flush It Down — really think the remaining tax paying base will remain in California to flip the bill if this happens? Does he even care since he is a year and a half away from leaving office?

I raise all of these questions because we will be electing a new president this year. If voters want to know what is in store for this nation if they elect someone like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, just look at California, a state so firmly under the control of the far left, it has become virtually unlivable if you are a decent hard working citizen. Corporations have left the state in search of more tax-friendly ones so they can afford to expand and in the process create more jobs. Where do American voters think businesses will go if the left actually delivers on their plan to tax, tax, and then tax some more the largest corporations we have? Here is a hint, it won’t be anywhere in the good old USA.

When corporations leave, and people get use to expecting free college, free health care, free (fill in the blank), who do you think is next up on the tax paying list of the liberal leaders agenda? If Canada were smart, they’d start building a wall to keep American tax payers from flooding their country. Mexico will also build a wall to keep us out.

Liberals will end up doing what the far right wants done, turning our country into an isolated nation, only in doing so, we will be so broke not even ISIS will want to conquer us because we will have nothing worth conquering.

So please, when you get on social media and start pointing fingers to point the blame for something like Flint’s water disaster, try to see it for what it is, a horrible decision to try and save money to provide people with drinking water. It is another example of this nation’s horrible infrastructure that has allowed not only our water, but our roads, bridges, air, and overall health to be compromised by politicians of both parties who are too busy blaming others because they do not have any real ideas about how to fix these problems.

Perhaps it is time to stop asking politicians to undo what is already law, or to make grandiose promises they cannot either deliver to the voter or we can afford to pay for. Maybe it is time to stop this endless cycle of war that this nation thrives on under both Democratic and Republican leadership and costs us billions every year while delivering us nothing in return. After all, what good is a nation whose leaders are willing to sacrifice the health and happiness of voters by failing to provide them the most basic services?

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