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Portable Emerywood Breathalyzer review: Does it really work?

Leonard Kinsey tested the Emerywood breathalyzer

Emerywood was kind enough to send me one of their $14 portable breathalyzers to test. The breathalyzer can be found at Amazon.

I drank two beers for this review, and tested myself fifteen minutes after finishing each beer. It seems to blow accurately, or possibly a little high, which isn’t the worst thing when you’re testing yourself for sobriety. However, next time I do a test I should eat more beforehand, since most responsible adults won’t go out drinking on an empty stomach. I also need to record my total drinking time, since in theory you’re supposed to be able to have two drinks in an hour without testing over the limit. I’m not sure how long it took me to down these two – maybe 35-40 minutes?

Regardless, this gadget is pretty damn impressive for something so small and cheap!

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Leonard Kinsey is the owner of Bamboo Forest Publishing, and the bestselling author of "The Dark Side of Disney", the Anarchist Cookbook of Disney travel guides. He has lived in Baltimore for over 15 years, and enjoys drinking craft beer in unique places, eating nachos and pizza, listening to 80s hair metal, and arguing about Star Trek minutia, often all at the same time. Watch out ladies! Contact the author.

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