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Popularity of Video Poker Games

Since the beginning of gambling, players who enjoy high stakes and the rush that comes with it, have most certainly encountered poker at some point in their lives. Poker is amongst the most played games both in and out of casinos. Then online casinos were born, they took the world by storm and soon thereafter land based casino players moved over to online gambling. Many casino games were made available to online players, slots, table games and poker itself, however, it is only recently that video poker has become popular amongst its fellow casino games.

The more info we gather regarding the popularity of video poker, the more we understand why it is such a great commodity offered by online casinos and why so many popular online casinos are encouraging their members to play.

The Genesis of Video Poker

The birth of video poker was back in the 1970’s, although nothing like the fast speed 3D game it is today, video poker was released when the first computers were created. As computers were upgraded and technology improved, video poker machines offered bettered visuals and gameplay experience for users. Eventually, land-based casinos would fade out and online casinos would monopolize the era and create even better video poker, more accessible and convenient to land based gambling. Since then and through the evolution of technology, players are greeted with the magnificent quality of graphics, interactive gaming and high speed connectivity to ensure uninterrupted game time. Both land based and online casinos are now reaping the benefits of upgraded and popular video poker games.

Why is Video Poker Popular?

Unlike casino games such as slots, video poker requires a level of skill. And although players cannot better their skill set to impact the outcome of the game, they can improve the odds of winning by learning this strategy and implementing it into their game. By playing poker and understanding wrong bets and when to bet, players become increasingly better and so stand a greater chance of winning money when the odds are in their favour unlike slots where each spin is unpredictable. On the topic of slots, casino enthusiasts who enjoy playing slots will most certainly enjoy video poker as it is essentially a combination of slots and poker. Video poker is playing cards on slots machines with a better outcome, or rather a more calculated outcome as players have control of their bets according to their hand of cards. There are a number of variants of the game, adding an element of renewed excitement for those who tire from monotonous gaming. The variations of video poker vary from one casino to the next in title but ultimately the game play pretty much remains the same from one title to the next.

The Popularity of Video Poker Making International News

The continual growth of video poker has attracted media attention from prominent news sites and becomes more popular by each passing day. With the shine of the media’s attention, major gaming software developers are continuously improving the quality of their releases. This means that newer, better and improved video poker games are being released on a regular basis, benefiting players seeking out new adventures. It also adds to the online casinos database, attracting new players with a wide variety of trending video poker games. Most upcoming online casinos will create welcome or sign up bonuses allowing new members a number of free spins attached to one or more of their popular slots games. Members can use this opportunity to browse the casino and view the available list of video poker games before making any real cash deposits. Free video poker games are also a popular option for online users as they can get a better feel of how the game works before placing real cash bets.

By staying up to date with the latest news, players may stumble upon new video poker games and gain the opportunity to be amongst the first to play these popular casino games. There is always something new to look forward to as a video poker devotee which may also be one of the reasons it has become one of the most popular casino games to date.

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