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Amazing appliance trends that will change your life in 2018

Technology is changing the way we sleep, prepare meals and maintain our home. You won’t believe what today’s appliances can do.

Nest Bedding Mattress

“If you’re looking for a huge upgrade from the mattress you’re currently using, then go with our overall best mattress choice: Nest Bedding. They ranked among the top 3 mattresses in the majority of our categories, scoring the #1 spots in for joint and back pain. Nest Bedding produces natural, high-quality mattresses that’ll get you sleeping the moment you dive into bed,” according to Rave Reviews.

Smudge-proof Finishes

Busy parents will love the smudge-proof finishes available on LG’s Matte Black Stainless Steel series. The surface hides prints and wipes clean with a soft, dry cloth. Say goodbye to special cleaners and lots of elbow grease.

IoT-connected HVAC Systems

GE Appliances are now connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Control your A/C units, portables and dehumidifiers from your smartphone to come home to a wonderfully cool house or apartment. It also comes in handy when you forget to turn off the appliances. Because these new gadgets operate on an open system, you can control from your Android or iPhone.

When you buy one of these innovative HVAC systems you no longer have to sweat staying cool in the summer.

Smart Monitoring

The next generation of appliances is smarter than the last. It’s also more helpful if you want to sleep in while your coffee brews.

If you love your morning cup of brew but hate getting out of bed to make it, Keuring has good news for you. Its new K-cup brewer lets you schedule hot water to make coffee in the morning, afternoon or whenever. If you leave any of your appliances on, the Google Nest app sends you a notification. Meanwhile, LG’s SmartThinQ technology checks your Wi-Fi status for enabled appliances. While your monitoring your devices remotely, you can put them to work as well. Voice-activated oven now begins the preheat process without you lifting a flour-covered finger.

With all these great innovations arising, you might remind consumers that 100 years ago people washed laundry by hand. Soon, the answer will be that there’s an app for that.


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