How Donald became President: Trump’s Phenomenon

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How come Donald Trump became a president when the charts told us otherwise? What is his secret?

Donald Trump is the richest president in American history. Before that, he was a famous businessman and, later, a television personality. At a young age, he took charge of his family business in real estate and successfully developed it to bring his wealth to a whole new level. According to Forbes’ estimates, all his ventures combined are worth more than $3 billion. All updates you can see in Donald Trump news.

Never in their lives have Americans predicted that Donald Trump would fight for the position. He was the oldest newly elected president in U.S. history, putting him ahead of Ronald Reagan, who was just shy of 70 on Inauguration Day 1981. Some people are still living in denial even despite all that time.

We all thought that the Trump corporation would be enough for the businessman to feel content. Few people took his politic claims serious initially. Now, we all face the consequences of a rapid growth in popularity of Donald Trump. This is truly a phenomenon that most people didn’t expect.

Maybe, the business achievements of the man led the American population to believe that Trump would influence the country in the same positive way he enlarged his corporation in the past? Maybe, we thought that a successful man would be successful in everything? No matter the reasons, we now have a very unique president that causes more controversies than anyone before him. Just remember all those funny videos and crazy tweets we watch on a regular basis and you’ll see the general tendencies of this presidency.

However, let’s look at the facts and promises that have brought Donald Trump to his current position. How did he win the hearts of voters?

Behind the Scene

At the beginning of the presidential campaign, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump held popularity in many states around the country. The polls showed controversial results of their campaigns and the general dislike of both candidates. However, the whole story was engulfed in a swirl of events including foreign affairs, a bunch of emails, tapes, Tweets, and so on. This is quite an unusual and scandalous one compared to other presidency campaigns. Even despite the general popularity of negative campaigning when fighting for such a prestigious position, 2016 was by far covered in scandals more than on average.

Now, after more than a year of his presidency, we can compare it to the achievements of the previous president and see those positive and negative sides both of them have had. Back in 2016, such forecasts weren’t truly reliable and people had to judge according to the promises and the history of candidates’ deeds.

The biography of Donald Trump has nothing in it to point towards the aspirations of becoming the president of the United States in the future. His business achievements are undeniable but what about politics? What was his campaign based on?

Though a bit controversial but effective in general was his approach towards his opponent Hillary Clinton. Some people think that Trump’s presidency is the result of Hilary’s failed attempt rather than the success of Donald. In truth, Clinton did fail to campaign in some key states and was generally criticized by media. Now, we don’t know how much of the “Clinton criticism” has been brought by the Trump’s crew but the chances are they haven’t missed the chance. All Clinton’s fails played in favor of her competitor and Trump was glad to “reap” the perks.

Another point that worries many people and has already become a subject of puns and memes is the involvement of Russian hackers and their president. This is a topic of many disputes and we cannot be sure whether the influence is true, but people will always remember Trump as a proxy of Putin thanks to the media portrayal. It’s kind of sad that the speculations may turn out to be truthful and the country would be under an influence of other people. There are actually a few other “hack theories” around the web, though they are not a rarity and most presidents hear such rumors from time to time.

Another reason why Trump won could be the disappointment of Democrats. They really had nothing to cheer for and vote for. Actually, Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine was a mistake many people couldn’t forgive. A better running mate could bring the candidate more popularity to overcome all those obstacles, but the choice was made and Hillary would learn her mistake soon enough.

Another strong argument was made by the bold claims of Trump. He said what most politicians were afraid to. His speeches were shocking. The U.S. population was tired by falsies and sugar-coated promises and was glad to hear bold and strong claims by the current candidate. They gave the whole nation the illusion that this man would be not like anybody else and could really make a difference if given power.

People were tired of the liberals. That’s a simple enough reason that may be a turning point for quite a few voters. In addition, Trump decided to think about all those voters who felt left behind. While most runners think about the majority, its vote isn’t set in stone. But when you decide to pay attention to those groups that feel neglected, you easily get their loyalty. Though the latest Trump news may be far from perfect, those people still feel his attention.

In the beginning, Trump was self-funded. As far as we know, Donald is an assertive businessman who can afford his own presidential campaign. So, he didn’t have to listen to the benefactors and was independent. However, we are still not sure whether it has helped him or not.

Arguably the strongest asset in the hands of Donald Trump was his own personal image. While Clinton’s name was the one all people in the country knew, Trump also had a strong image in the media and professional sphere. Having established his own business network and connected to many foreign partners, Trump was an international name. In addition, a sudden decision to fight for the presidency from a man with no prior government or military service was a major surprise for the nation. As expected, many people were more interested in his persona even despite being apathetic to all other elections. Even now, Trump tweets amaze people and leave nobody bored. Maybe, this is all a part of the image and he actually doesn’t create them himself? There should be a bit of mystery to the public image or people will rapidly get bored with their own choice. What is Trump really like at home or at Trump tower while doing business? Few people know this for sure. Though, according to his image from the past, there’s some truth to his act.

The man just stormed the elections of 2016 and won his place while most people didn’t even get to know what was going on. At first, the thing sounded like a joke—who would accept a businessman president without government service and years of the political community involvement?

In addition, his focus on the four Midwest states and his Brexit ambitions were appealing to certain voters that could have brought him victory.

In general, a part of the voters didn’t even know what they were doing and had their own reasons, far from political, to choose this man. Now, we all get to live in this reality and in this country.

Clearly, the results of the elections show us that people see more worthy qualities in Trump than in Hillary Clinton. There is no one reason why Donald won—it was the combination of all the above-mentioned factors that resulted in quite an unexpected winner. It may be his outgoing personality or fearless speeches, but every one of voters supporting the man has their own reasons that may exceed all our expectations.

What really matters is that Donald defied all expectations and really became president Trump—a thing that few believed was possible to achieve for him. We have made our choice and now have to face the results. Is Trump’s presidency ideal? No. But we truly cannot say that any president could achieve a 100 percent support and was flawless. Each one of them had his own downsides and was blamed for not delivering at least a few of the promises. Trump is still on his way to deliver many of them, but some have been a successful campaign and the U.S. now enjoys lower taxes both for corporates and working Americans. Much is still to be seen at this term is nowhere near its end.

As a president, Trump has become a constant source of entertainment for the media. There’s solid ground under those jokes and we all have seen those videos and tweets the press is talking about. Many people still take it allase a joke, though it is time to face the fact that he is our current president.