Planning a vacation in Panama City: here’s what you need to know

In the last couple of years, Panama City Beach has become the hotspot for national and international travelers in the autumn and spring months. It has become quite the spring break party capital of Florida for youngsters traveling to this city during the springtime, but the rest of the year it is a quaint place waiting for the soul seekers and nature lovers. If you are thinking of traveling to Panama City during the spring or summer months, you should think about booking your tickets and accommodations from right now.

When should you visit Panama City, Florida?

The winter months are slow in Panama City since the weather can be quite chilly. However, that does not deter the tourists coming from far north in search of some warmth and sunshine. Interestingly, the sun always shines in Panama City Florida. However, many businesses remain shut during this period to reboot for the celebratory times and busy months ahead. The best time to visit this beach city is spring (mid-April) and fall (between September and early November). During the fall months, you will get to witness some of the most incredible festivals, explore the parks and eat some great food without necessarily braving staggering traffic. Most smart travelers pick fall since this time of the year is less crowded, and all businesses remain open to travelers and tourists.

Finding the right place to stay

As we have mentioned before, you might want to begin looking for accommodation options early if you are thinking of visiting this place during the prime vacation times. Finding sea-facing hotels and homestays are going to be difficult at the last moment. Thankfully, beach-front accommodation options in this place are more affordable than in any other part of Florida. However, it is necessary to shop around with enough time in hand to land the best deals. Looking through tourism websites might help you grab some lucrative deals for the season. When spending more than just 1 or 2 days in Panama City, you might want to consider vacation rentals by local owners. Vacation rental options are incredibly cheap, and you can enjoy the freedom of living in a real home away from home.

Getting around in Panama City

Unless you are thinking of spending all your time on the beach, you should consider renting a car. Spending your entire vacation on the beach is only possible in Florida! Apart from sunbathing and swimming in the sea, you can indulge in water sports and beach hikes. Panama City is the haven for active travelers, who are always in search of their next adventure. Nonetheless, if you are staying here for a week, you might want to rent your personal mode of transportation. You will need to visit some of the most amazing local markets, restaurants, and patisseries in town, and having your car will simply make traveling less time-consuming and more convenient.

Panama City brings hundreds of dining options

Every traveler has heard of Panama City’s quirky dining options along with their fine dining restaurants. In some places, you can sit on the patio with seafood platters, talk to your partner over beer and soak your feet in the cool water. In the others, you can expect formal five-course meals with a glass of merlot in the luminous candlelight. In short, Panama City and beach areas have every kind of dining experience you can think about. Interestingly, some of these places not only offer the finest seafood in the area but also offer rib eye steaks, prime rib fillet, pasties, and vegan spreads. Whether you are trying to take your significant other out on a romantic date or thinking about taking your family out for a fun lunch, you can think of multiple places in Panama City.

Hiking in the beach city

After a heavy lunch in one of these fantastic restaurants, you might want to walk the excess energy off before it is time for dinner. Then, it is the perfect opportunity to check out the St. Andrews State Park. It is a slice of pure greenery thriving amidst the city life and spring break crowds on the beaches. It is as popular as some of the Florida parks, but thankfully, it is rarely as crowded as them. That means you have a good chance of spotting the wildlife in their natural galore while taking a hike across one of the two popular trails in the park. The walk is family-friendly, and you can find local guides to help you if you have kids in your team. It is the ideal get-away destination for nature lovers, looking for a break from the hectic city life.

Panama City is the Instagrammer’s paradise

The sugar-white beaches are like no other you have ever visited. These are of unique design, and the sand is the cleanest in the world. Several tourists report the sand “squeaking” under the feet as they walk along the beach or enjoy a splendid sunset. Panama City Beach has the power to add magic to every mundane moment you spend on the beach. Whether you want to bathe in the sun or enjoy just another sunset, you will find yourself in the middle of a perfect Instagram frame! However, if you are really looking for some breathtaking photos, walk along the 500-feet pier that extends into the Gulf. You will definitely find the solace you have been looking for and the thousands of priceless snapshots you will treasure forever.

All Florida beaches are public, and you can enjoy walking or bathing at any point of the 27-mile long coastline. The Panama City beach has over 100 access points. Picking a hotel or homestay close to the beach will save you the walk to these points. Find out about the location of your accommodation option relative to these access points before booking. While you are browsing your hotels, do not forget to order some effective sun protection cream for you and your family. You do not want pesky sun burns to ruin your entire vacation! Invest in good sunblock before you hit the beaches.