Phoenix Flight Towards Emotion’s Zenith

Why does the moonlight look so beautiful in those pretty brown eyes
And why the world seem to stop whenever you sigh
Why does it make me weak when I think about you
And why I think that I hear your name whispered on the wind
Again and again….
My heart unfolds like a complicated puzzle filled with complex imagery
Accompanied by music, brought to life with vibrant, vivid colors all for the world to see
But when I close my eyes and wait for my mind to slow down
The world stops spinning so fast when you’re around
A slow sip from a glass of cold red wine
And I open my eyes to find myself facing another range of thoughts
I don’t want to talk about the future or dwell in my past
And I don’t really want to paint verbal illusions of monolithic emotions that I hope will last
I guess there are really no perfect words to say
That fix everything in literally every way
Atleast not from me, because I’m not quite that gifted
I just reach inside of myself and give whatever I have, hoping that it fits
People think that I am rich, and I’m really not
I am blessed with wonderful people in my life and that’s more than enough
I just look at where I am
And I reach inside and give what I can
I wish that I could just float off into the ocean on that last stanza
Literally just lay down in the water on my back and just be carried away
And hear the voices of some people who are very special to me
Or maybe just have someone stroke my hair until I fall into a peaceful sleep
Maybe just look into my eyes and connect with me
Tell me that it’s okay to set what’s in my heart free
To transcend into an emotional phoenix
And stretch my winds towards the zenith
And return to you……
written by Barron Parker
©2012 Dream Citadel Productions