Perfect Valentine’s Day winter gift: Cougar Boots   

I have always thought that Valentine’s Day should be a warm weather holiday, not a holiday where snow, frigid cold temperature has everyone taking cover.

In my dreams Valentine’s Day should be a day where sunshine, soft clouds, bright blue skies are adorned with chocolates, colorful flowers, a picnic, maybe somewhere on an island that would take place, but in real life we deal with what mother nature gives us, whether it is rain or snow.

One would wonder in snowy climate weather what do you give someone who has everything? What do you give someone who can use their gift now rather than later? What do you give someone where quality, fashion, and comfort matters? If I had to guess I would say a pair of Cougar Boots.

Not made in the United States, a Canadian brand that has been around for 6-plus decades I have found out that these boots are made for all walks of life, for all seasons. I was not sure about writing a blog about a pair of boots for Valentine Day, however after speaking with my best friend Pam who happens to be from where else Nova Scotia, she tells me she had her favorite pair of Cougar Boots in Junior High that were called ‘The Original 39068 AKA The Pillow boot’ and everyone had to have a pair.

Move up three decades later and these boots are still making a name for themselves with a different type of style to please everyone. After doing much research and listening to Pam explain, ‘how well designed and crafted these boots are, it was only right to want a pair of Cougar Boots ‘Why you ask? Because not only do these boots keep your feet warm, quality made, are very trendy, and won’t break your bank like other brands of winter boots.

Cougar boots are insulated for temperatures that can withstand the most frigid cold weather in Canada, which is simply different from the cold in the United States.

With Valentine Day around the corner, I decided to focus my blog on the perfect winter gift to get that special someone since we are in a wintry season. Cougar boots are not sold at your everyday retailer, to purchase these boots you can either go online, or search for a retailer near you that carry this particular brand.

After talking with my best friend from Nova Scotia, doing my research, reading reviews, and now wanting a pair of these boots for myself and daughter, I can almost guarantee, you won’t be disappointed with your next boot purchase whether it’s a Valentine’s Day gift or a general purchase.

However, if you want to step outside the box on Valentine’s Day and do something different for that special person rather than the same old cliche’ chocolates, flowers, picnic/dinner, giving someone a pair of Cougar Boots will set you aside from everyone else.





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  • Terrah Humphrey
    February 9, 2017 at 10:45 PM

    I enjoyed reading this post. Look forward to more post like this.

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