Not All Vapers Are Made Equal: What Kind of Vaper Are You

A lot of people may think vaping is a pretty new idea. The fact of the matter is, the first patent for a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” was granted to Herbert A. Gilbert in 1965. Gilbert, a Korean War veteran, was working at his father’s scrap yard when he decided it was time to stop smoking.

Gilbert understood early on that smoke of any kind, including tobacco smoke, was noxious. For him, the heat wasn’t the problem but the combustion of the material. Even though his smokeless non-tobacco cigarette would eventually lead to the E-Cigs we see everywhere today, Gilbert’s idea was way before its time.

In 2001, a pharmacist in China named Hon Lik decided he needed to quit his two-pack-a-day smoking habit after his father passed away of lung cancer. Lik came up with the idea of vaporizing pressurized jets of nicotine-laced liquid with “a high frequency, piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting element.” Designed as an alternative to smoking tobacco, Lik had to find a way to scale down his device to a practical size.

One can see that, from its inception, the idea of “vaporizing” nicotine stemmed from the desire to enjoy the stimulating effects of the alkaloid without the harmful side effects of tobacco smoke. But as the idea grew in popularity and various vaping technologies were created in its wake, it gradually moved away from simply finding a way to stop smoking to a lifestyle.

And with all kinds of vape juices out there, from non-nicotine, nicotine-based, CBD vape liquid made from hemp, as well as everything between, the types of vapers out there is endless.

This begs the question: What kind of vaper are you?

The Stealth Vaper

One of the most awesome things about vaping is the fact that no has to know you’re doing it. Try stealth smoking. No matter how hard you try to cover up your smoking habit, there is always that lingering smell of tobacco smoke.

But with vapour, there is no obnoxious, lingering smell, whether on your clothes, in your car, in the surrounding air, and, most importantly, on your breath. If anything, certain flavours of vape juice actually make the surrounding area smell good, such as fruity flavoured juices.

This near-absence of the odour has given rise to the stealth vaper, a person who has mastered the art of vaping in a way that no one in their vicinity even knows nicotine consumption is going on.

The stealth vapour has devised countless ways to vape in secrecy, whether it’s a gal who takes little sips and blows the vape into her handbag or a guy who simply blows the vapour into his shirt. These breed of vapers prefer to use small, easily concealable devices such as Mini Pods. Sometimes these devices are designed not to look anything like a vaping device.

The Average Vaper

This group makes up the larger portion of vapers out there. Their interest levels vary when it comes to vaping news, new products, vaping regulations, and such. Some of them have completely stopped smoking tobacco, while others vape as a side note while still chasing a nicotine high from a pack of cigarettes. The types of average vapers are hard to keep track of, so don’t even try to create a list of subcategories.

The vapers usually do have a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to different kinds of devices since they seem to buy a new device every other month or so. This knowledge includes what cotton is the best, what coils are the best for flavour and which ones are best for making clouds, and you’ll find them with all sorts of atomizers ranging from RTA’s to RDTA’s.

Usually, the average vaper is a great person for beginners to ask advice from, but don’t just rely on information from one, because they’ll all have their own opinions.

The Annoying Vaper

On a totally different level than the stealth vaper, the annoying vaper is always trying to fill every space they enter with a cloud of vapour. They usually don’t care to ask if it’s okay to vape when they enter a location and expect others to understand that their clouds are nothing but harmless clouds of aromatic bliss.

The annoying vapor hunts for noobs in vape forums so that he or she can correct them on their utter lack of vaping knowledge; you’ll find their condescending comments below YouTube video tutorials on how to make a coil, where they express their own techniques as being more pro than that guy; and don’t attempt to debate with them, for they know more vape statistics than even the FDA.

However, though they can be annoying, we love them for their energy and passion for vaping. However, if you encounter one of these overzealous vapers, whatever you do, don’t challenge their cloud!

The Stunt Vaper

If the gods were to vape, then stunt vapers would be the demigods of vape. They are the guys and gals all vapers look up to. If you have never met one of these amazing manipulators of clouds, then all you have to do is conduct a quick search on YouTube where they’re in some underground bunker only they know about doing cloud tricks to Skrillex background music.

Don’t be envious of their highly priced mods and designer atomizers because more than likely they obtained them through sponsorships. Stunt vapers are at all the global vape conventions. If you don’t see them straight away, just head over to the DJ booth where they’re most likely showing off their best tricks next to the DJ.

When they’re not being god-like, they’re at their local vape shop or at some undisclosed location filming their next YouTube sensation.