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Nickel Taphouse’s brunch is as hot as their Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

If I rave on about the Nickel Taphouse Brunch it is because there is so much that is good. Yes, I was invited in as their guest to taste their new brunch menu items, to spread the Nickel Taphouse Brunch good word, but I fell in love with numerous brunch offerings, especially the Nashville Hot Fried Chicken with French toast.

They take a couple liberties with the traditional Tennessee recipe rather than Tabasco or Texas Pete they use honey Sriracha for that sweet hot bite of flavor which is counterbalanced with the cool, airy, whipped cream on their French toast. It was so good, I have had sense memory flashbacks and I find myself licking my lips.

Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am to 3 pm and being a tap house along with their $15 bottomless mimosas, bloodies you can enjoy Evolution craft beer. Food is subjective, so what I love you might like or the other way around. So here are my picks and what I saw other media folks going gaga over:

• Avocado Toast – goat cheese, ricotta, pickled onion
• Roasted Oysters: Rockerfeller & Casino
• Pork Belly Eggs Benedict – with fig and apple marmalade
• Buffalo Brussels sprouts
• The Bloodies
• The Hamsterdam Revisted cocktail – black pepper infused vodka, strawberry & tarragon

This would be a good Mother’s Day choice if you want to do brunch – check for availability of reservations.

The Nickel Taphouse is located in Baltimore’s quaint Mt. Washington Village where they serve dinner seven days and brunch options Saturday and Sunday. Their happy hours are Monday through Friday from 4-7 and Saturday and Sunday from 12-5. Happy Hour features $3 Evolution Craft Brews, $1 oysters, $5 glasses of wine, and a huge selection of small plate appetizers to share with friends!

The Nickel Taphouse – 1604 Kelly Avenue – Baltimore MD  21209   (443) 869 6240  Brunch Sat & Sun  Brunch Menu Instagram: @thenickeltaphouse  Facebook & Twitter: @nickeltaphouse

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