New police video of Mandalay Bay surveillance room ends mystery of females registered to Paddock’s suite

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LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department body-worn camera video footage released last week from a police officer who was inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel security surveillance room on the night of the October 1 Las Vegas Massacre, reveals new information concerning the three unidentified females who were reportedly also registered to gunman Stephen Paddock’s room.

As the Baltimore Post Examiner reported in our May 27 article, ‘Stephen Paddock’s hotel records show three women registered in his room,’ the LVMPD computer-aided dispatch records indicated the following entry:

23:02:36 798/Update units in control room 32 Room 135 Poss suspect name of Paddock, Stephen There 3 females in room [name redacted] #2 [name redacted] 3# [name redacted] [bo]oked on 9-25 to check out Oct 2nd.

Speculation on who these women were running rampant throughout social media when the LVMPD 911 Communication Center logs were made public in May as part of the ongoing court-ordered document release.

Women registered to the room quickly became women were found inside the room, which had no basis in fact at all.

All we knew at that time was that they were registered, but that didn’t stop some from concocting wild unsubstantiated theories as to who these three women were.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo who runs the LVMPD had come under scrutiny after the massacre because he had originally told the media that Paddock’s check-in date was Sept. 28, 2017.

It was not until the October 9, 2017 press briefing that Lombardo said that they had information that Paddock checked in on Sept. 25, when in fact the police knew on the night of October 1, forty-five minutes after the gunfire stopped, that Paddock’s check-in date was on the 25th according to the dispatch log that was released in May.

Conspiracy theories were given more fuel in July when released audio recordings from the 911 Communications Center revealed the unredacted first names of the three females as follows:

“There are also three females that are registered to that room. First name, Joanne, J-o-a-n-n-e, last name [muted], 2nd subject Laura, last name [muted], 3rd subject Katie, last name [muted], checked in on 25 September, scheduled to check out on October 2nd.”

When the LVMPD final criminal investigative report on the Las Vegas Massacre was released in August there was no mention of anything related to the three females, so they remained a mystery, further fueling the fires of a conspiracy.

There never were any females registered to Paddock’s room

Last week, newly released police body-worn camera video footage from LVMPD Unit 1Ida11 who was inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel security surveillance room on the night of October 1, 2017 sheds new light on this matter.

The police body-worn camera footage does not have a time/date stamp.

It is from Batch 28 #690.

This has been an ongoing concern of mine with many of the police videos that have been censored prior to being released; many are highly edited, have segments of muted audio throughout and are short in duration indicating possible deletion of major portions of the video content.

That aside, the thirty-minute police body-worn camera video, according to the time/date stamp on the Mandalay Bay security surveillance video monitors, appears to have occurred from about midnight on October 1 to 12:30 a.m. on October 2.

I transcribed relevant portions of the audio of police officer (1Ida11) on the telephone as follows:

At the 6: 41-minute mark into the video a female Mandalay Bay security officer is on the telephone and says, “I have Officer Williams from Metro, he wants information on who is registered to this room.”

1Ida11 says he will talk to him and she hands him the telephone.

“Hey, this is Ty with Metro. Hey this is 1Ida11. Yeah this is 1Ida11. Yeah. Metro. South Central. What do you need? Yeah, I have that information, I sent it to CP [command post] already. Are you with the CP or? I understand that, I’m with the control room with security right now, I have that information, I’m asking are you with the CP or?”

“Okay, all right, so registered guest last name is Paddock, its P-A-D-D-O-C-K, first name [he is looking at something on the security console which is blurred out] Stephen with a P-H. He’s registered with three other females, you want their information to or no? No. Yeah. The first subjects last name is,

Okay. Do you have a phone number I can text you, all their information? I do, I sent it to Sgt. Jackson already, I wasn’t sure if you had it, let me have uh. All right if we can get description, we’ll back check the cameras as well.”

“Take down my number

okay, okay, is this the only person in the room,” he asks the security officer seated at the console.

He is asking the security officer while he is still on the phone and the security officer responds, “This is the only person that is registered, that is in the room.”

The security officer then interjects and again states, “That is the only person that is registered or who is in that room.”

The police officer is looking at the security console and asks, “Who are these people?” The security officer responds, “Those are people coming in or …” [inaudible].

The audio is muted again as the police officer is asking for a telephone number, then the police officer says to the person he is talking to on the telephone, “And they just corrected me, that’s only one individual checked into the room. The other people were previous guests or expected guests OK and he’s been in the room since the 25th so,” then hangs up the phone.

As I stated earlier, this conversation occurred after midnight. The LVMPD logs and the subsequent audio file that was released earlier this year indicate that the police dispatcher had logged the information into the system at 11:02 p.m. on October 1, 2017 reference Paddock and the three females.

In our May 26 Baltimore Post-Examiner article, ‘Las Vegas Police body-worn camera footage shows Mandalay Bay security surveillance room night of massacre,’ we attached a police body-worn camera video that depicted the security surveillance room. The new police body-worn camera video depicts the Mandalay Bay security surveillance room from a different angle.

The video in the May 26 article did have a time/date stamp indicating that that police officer in that video entered the room at 10:21 p.m. on October 1, 2017, which was prior to the LVMPD dispatcher receiving the information on Paddock which occurred at 11:02 p.m.

I went back and reviewed that video to determine if I could hear any talk about Paddock.

Because there were so many police and security officers inside the surveillance room all talking at the same time plus radio traffic, I recovered the following conversations:

At 10:48:10 p.m. – Male voice asking on the security radio, “Who’s the registered guest in 32-135, 32-135 who’s the registered guest?”

At 10:49:09 p.m. – Male voice security, “32-135 Stephen Paddock, Papa, Alpha, Delta, Delta, Ocean, Charlie.”

At 10:49:56 p.m. – Male voice on the security radio, “What other information do you have on the name?”


Taking into account the facts presented in this article, it is evident that the wrong information was originally given to the police dispatcher at 11:02 p.m. on October 1, 2017 concerning the three females being registered along with Paddock.

1Ida11 said he had already given that information to the CP and could have misread or misinterpreted the information that he was looking at earlier, or whoever he gave it to at the CP could have relayed that to dispatch and things got lost in translation.

Regardless, there is no doubt that an hour later, 1Ida11 is informing the person he is talking to on the telephone of the correct information, that Paddock was the only person registered to the room.

When I checked the dispatch logs that were released, I could not find any entry where they updated the log with the correct information.

It may have never made it to the computer-aided dispatch system at the Metro Communications Center considering the chaotic state of affairs that night.

Just to note that the entire time the police officers are inside the Mandalay Bay security surveillance room their police radios are dead, not picking up any transmissions at all, and the officers express that several times. They use their cell phones for contact with their dispatcher.

Hopefully, this article will now put to rest the mystery of the three females.









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    There were 2 versions of this given out. 4 namesthe first two were Wendy and Mara. I forget the other 2 names. Explain to me how the names were changed and the storyline stayed the same?

    Too many lies already, changed stories, 2 assailants originally thought to have opened fire, etc.

    No, something very wrong here. No gunshot residue found on the body found in the room. No ballistics matches on any of the weapons in the room to the victims? Really? Come on, when is the press going to stop being a rubber stamp for the govt?

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