Moving to Baltimore for the Military

Maryland is home to many different military bases, but Baltimore is the home of the Coast Guard Yard. The Coast Guard Yard is a shipping yard that is maintained by the United States Coast Guard. There is no other facility in the branch of the United States Coast Guard, so it must be appropriately maintained by personnel. Achieving the level of quality that is required for this military base, may require that service members relocate to Baltimore, Maryland or the surrounding area.

History of Coast Guard Yard

The Revenue Cutter Service (RCS) signed a lease in April of 1899 for 36 acres of farmland that surrounded Arundel Cove. The 36 acres was originally a part of a 97-acre farm that was owned by Mr. William Hall, a freed African-American slave. Mr. Hall was not the only farmer of his race in the area, but he had the reputation of having the most significant farming operation in the state of Maryland.

In June of 1899, Lt. John C. Moore and the side-wheeler COLFAX began establishing the experimental shipping yard. In 1900, the training ship, CHASE, marked the beginning of the Coast Guard Academy. For the next ten years, the academy would remain in Arundel Cove until it was moved to Connecticut, where it is presently located. 

During WWII, the shipping yard underwent an expansion to help with meeting the needs of the war. It is estimated that the shipping yard employed 3100 civilians during the war. After the war, the shipping yard reduced its workload significantly.

In 1999, the shipping yard celebrated its Centennial. From 2000 and on, the Coast Guard Yard has been a leader in modernization efforts. This shipping yard is the only one like it in operation by the United States Coast Guard.

Planning a Military Move

When you are a part of a military family, moving can take a toll on everyone. Packing and unpacking can be a job itself, let alone getting schools and records transferred. Starting over in a new location can make it hard, especially for kids. When you move your kids to a new town like Baltimore, it is essential to do your research to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Professional Packing and Unpacking Services

Most military families will acquire the help of a professional transport or shipping service to move their belongings for them due to the time restraints that often exist. These professional companies will often offer services like professional packing and unpacking, which leaves time for transferring schools and getting the kids adjusted to a new city.

The A-1 Auto Transport website link says that professional packing services will bring their own packing materials to your home. They safely and securely pack your belongings and then unpack them in your new home. These professionals have experience with packing large items and fragile items, making them safer during transport. These professionals also remove the trash from the move as well, leaving you with less to do in the aftermath.

Professionals to Transport Your Vehicle

When you make your move to Baltimore, a professional transport or shipping company can save you from putting unnecessary miles on your car. The services offered can help you, especially if you are moving a long-distance. There are more safety concerns when driving long distances in your car than if you have your car transported professionally alongside your belongings. 

Activities in Baltimore for Kids

Part of adjusting to a new location is learning about what is available in the area. A list of fun kid activities in Baltimore include:

The Maryland Science Center

Kids of all ages can enjoy learning about natural history through a variety of different exhibits.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Kids can touch and interact with the exhibits for a hands-on learning experience.

The National Aquarium

Located downtown, on the water, the aquarium offers a beautiful underwater experience for kids of all ages.

The Maryland Zoo-Baltimore

Spend a day with exotic animals, and there are so many it often takes an entire day to visit.

The Creative Alliance

This center offers a variety of options to captivate and promote creativity. There are often a lot of family-oriented activities.

Welcome Home

The military, regardless of the branch, often requires families to relocate. When relocations happen, they can be quick and unexpected. If this happens, know that you can call upon professional transport and shipping companies to help with expedited moving requests. For families who are moving to Baltimore to be a part of the legendary Coast Guard Yard, remember that there are services that are available for you and your family’s move.


Feature Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay