Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids in Baltimore 

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Whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or are going to live in it for a while, Baltimore is a great place for children. The most important city in Maryland offers a wide array of fun activities to engage in with your children, so there is never a dull moment. If you’re looking for budget-friendly or free activities for you and your kids this fall, here is what Baltimore can offer you.

Visit the Maryland Science Center

Located downtown at the Inner Harbor, the Maryland Science Center is a great opportunity for children to learn more about natural history. The center is complex, offering the possibility to visit giant dinosaur exhibitions, a planetarium, and an observatory. Thus, it caters to the needs of kids of all ages to learn more about our solar system, the planets, stars, and what happened to dinosaurs.

Don’t forget to also pay a visit to the gift shop for some cool merchandise.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Our second stop on the list of best activities for children in Baltimore is visiting the Port Discovery Museum. What’s great about this place is that it is specifically designed for children, meaning they can touch and interact with exhibits.

Amongst others, the museum offers a water play area, a rope climbing challenge to reach some of the exhibits, as well as other dozens of rotating ones that will spark your child’s interest. The indoor adventure can last for hours, stimulating children’s brains, creativity, and helping them stay active at the same time.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore

If your children are fascinated by sea life, a trip to the city’s very own aquarium is mandatory. It sits right on the water, downtown, meaning it can be easily reached by car or public transportation.

The aquarium is packed with a magical rainforest, schools of fish, dolphins, and even real sharks that you can watch. Sea turtles and colorful jellyfish complete the experience at this fun aquarium.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore 

The next stop on our list is for animal lovers only. Many children will want to see the exotic animals at the zoo, so plan a one-day visit there.

This huge zoo hosts almost all the animals you can think of, from elephants and lions to tigers, giraffes, and even polar bears. It also offers endless activity opportunities for children of all ages like checking the goofy penguins, listening to a zoo-keeper chat or taking a ride on the merry-go-round.

Although you won’t see an automatic goat milker or the process itself up close, you can still pet and brush baby goats and interact with other small animals.

The Creative Alliance

Just like the name suggests, this spot is perfect for those who want to boost their creativity and make new friends. The center offers a wide array of fun activities for children and adults alike, from stand-up comedy shows to poetry reading classes, and exhibitions from local artists.

There is a special area designated for family drop-ins named “Kerplunk!”, which will teach children more about arts.

Discover some of the city’s best parks 

Pierce’s Park near Waterfront’s Pier 5 is a great park where children can climb on sculptures, play in a living willow tunnel or interact with a musical fence. There is free WiFi throughout the park and plenty of other engaging activities for adults and kids alike.

The Patterson Park is located by the lake and it is home to the iconic pagoda that offers a bird’s eye view of the city. You can climb to the top of it and enjoy the scenery or head to the Family Skating Center nearby in the wintertime. No matter your choice, all these Baltimore activities are free of charge.

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