Michael Deel brings hope to Arkansas

Michael Deel’s mission is to create restorative change in the great state of Arkansas through new ideas and honest character, not politics. With a fresh perspective, he will work to restore the Republican party and restore faith in the political process because the only contract he has is with the people of Arkansas. He is currently looking into a run for political office.

His vision is simple: Restoration. He has realized that what the people of this wonderful state need is not more hollow words and political promises. They’ve become far too numb and disheartened by the many years of detached leadership that left them feeling invisible, unheard and uncared for. He wants to restore their faith in our political process. He wants to restore the soul of the Republican party itself by embodying the original values, the values that created this great nation and he wants to restore the relationship between our leadership and our community members and show them what great change we can create by working together.

He has said this before, and he stands by it today; “I am not a politician. It is not my ambition to gain power but to gain the trust of the community. We have all grown tired of watching politicians make lofty promises to win our trust and our votes and then abandon their commitments chasing career politics. This is not who I am.”

He is of the heritage of American politics when politicians held jobs and everyday duties like everyone else. They did not distance themselves from the struggles, worries, and needs of everyday citizens. He does not have a “larger” career goal that forces him to look beyond the citizens; his goal is to serve the people in their best interest.

He knows what the people of Arkansas go through because he is with them every day; talking, laughing, crying, and listening. He also knows what our community has experienced for the last year; all the struggle and despair that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This last year also brought the rise of social and racial unrest throughout the nation and it is his goal to be a leader who unites everyone. The struggles in Arkansas are real, they are felt, and they are monstrous, but they are not impossible as long as we seek to see ourselves in one another and not our differences. Through a united front, Arkansas can conquer anything; they can achieve anything. He does not stand for discrimination of any kind whether race, gender, religion, or political party. As a leader, and as a fellow American, he will always champion the underserved and forgotten and fight for the disenfranchised. He believes that the only way to lift our state to its highest potential is by empowering and uplifting everyone–together.

He has a new vision for the future, but he follows down-home traditions like face-to-face personal interactions. The best way to understand the people and to stay connected to the people is by interacting with the people. To accomplish this, he plans to visit all 75 counties and fully immerse himself in the personality and character of this great state.

The current state of politics has left many people in despair, but he believes in this country, its people, and its united potential. The old games and tricks of leadership have tarnished the image of the government, but with a restoration of its values, he does not doubt that we will shine bright and brilliantly once again. And since he is not chasing a life of power and politics, all the focus remains on the citizens and their wants, needs, and concerns. He is here for them and he wants to ensure that when he speaks for the people of Arkansas that he represents them well and makes them proud.