Meet Sang Min Lim  -Billboard 100 artist and KPop Superstar

After a highly successful debut with Fantasy last year, Sang Min Lim has released two more YouTube hits: Remember and Follow. Now came the time for his fourth single – and it doesn’t disappoint.

Levitate premiered a short while ago, and while the music still follows the same theme and style as Sang Min Lim’s previous releases, the video is something of a surprise.

Sang’s music is fairly tricky to define – broadly referred to as K-pop, it blends pop, hip-hop, and R&B with electronic elements. Up until now, his videos followed an ultramodern, futuristic theme, and starred Sang himself – in the case of Fantasy, joined by the dancer and performer Dytto to create a mesmerizing narrative.

The music video for Levitate takes us even further into the future. The video is fully and rather expertly animated, bringing sci-fi films and space-opera video games to mind.

[Sang Min Lim – Levitate –]

Whether you’re a fan of K-pop or not, it can’t be denied that for an artist at the very beginning of his career, Sang Min Lim’s work is impressively professional – seeing Fantasy, you’d never be able to tell it’s his debut, literally the very first release in his career. The same is certainly true of the brand new Levitate, and the two tracks that preceded it.

Sang Min Lim was born in South Korea – interestingly, he originally came to the U.S. to study economics at Brown University – the prestigious private Ivy League institution in Rhode Island. He later moved to Los Angeles, but not with the intention of getting started in the music industry. He began studying law at the University of Southern California, later finding his way into modeling and eventually music.

Though L.A. wasn’t his destination with music or modeling in mind, it certainly provided him with opportunities to do both – and do them well. It’s a place he says contributes to his creative process, as it enables him to surround himself with inspired, artistic people and communities. Coming from a fairly traditional background, he found that his parents and most people from their generation would consider the dream of becoming a pop star a futile, unproductive, and unrealistic one. He credits the rise of K-pop and its popularity in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world for helping to change their minds and increase his own confidence.

Young, talented, good-looking and charismatic, Sang Min Lim is doing a quick and efficient job of making a name for himself in the music industry. And it’s reassuring to see the consistency in his work – the new Levitate is easily recognizable as one of his songs to those familiar with his previous releases.

You can listen to Levitate and Sang Min Lim’s other songs on his YouTube channel. To stay up to date on his future releases, head over to his Instagram.