Bag&bones is transforming the neon lights market in the UK

Have you ever wanted one of those neon light signs from cool bars and American movies, to hang up in your living room, kitchen, or garage? Just a quick bit of research would’ve likely put you off, considering the cost of buying – and using, in the long run – a brand new neon. Well, thanks to the London-based neon art label bag&bones, now you can get one without worrying about either your wallet or the environment.

bag&bones was founded almost four years ago, in the Summer of 2016, by Irish sisters Gigi and Cavanagh Foyle. Originally from Clifden in Galway, Gigi graduated in Science and spent roughly a decade working in this field, while Cavanagh was getting her law career going. But as successful as they were in their respective work lives, they both had a restless creative streak and a deep-seated fascination with neon lighting.

In a bold move, they decided to follow their passion. After two years of planning and no external investment – using nothing but their own savings, coming to £7k – they founded bag&bones, an innovative and modern neon art label based in London.

If this seems like madness, time has shown that it wasn’t. Really, really wasn’t. Within five months of starting the company, bag&bones was already working with Grazia Magazine, the Wilderness Festival and Alexander McQueen. It didn’t take long to gather even more interest, and by now their client base includes some seriously impressive names – like the Kate Moss Agency, Chanel, Charlotte Tillbury, or Soho House. bag&bones provide the in-store lighting for the likes of River Island and John Lewis, and the products are stocked by Harrods, Liberty, and Harvey Nichols, among others.


So what makes bag&bones’ neon lights special?

The Foyle sisters certainly came in with the right product, at the right time, hitting the right demographic. Despite having no experience in marketing, they made incredible use of Instagram and other social media, quickly made a name for themselves, and created a cool, fashionable brand that leaves a lasting impression.

Their neon lights are far from standard, too. In essence, bag&bones sells an alternative to traditional neons – one that is environmentally sustainable and affordable, all while being stylish and creative rather than tacky. Where conventional neon lights are basically made of glass tubes filled with various gases glowing different colors in response to electricity, the bag&bones neon art uses LEDs with low heat emission encased in flexible, durable tubing. This technology has all the pros and none of the cons: good for the environment, cheaper to purchase and use, easier to install, and more difficult to break.

As a matter of fact, bag&bones was the very first company in the UK to specialize in just LED neon for the private customer. Of course, as we’ve already seen, the ‘private customer’ quickly turned to big-name branding, but we can still head over to the website and order either a pre-designed or custom sign, still at the same affordable prices.

The Foyle sisters ventured into the right niche at the right time – but importantly, it wasn’t a calculated decision. They did so out of passion and genuine personal interest, at great financial risk. It’s as lucky as it is inspiring that the risk paid off.

For more news and information about bag&bones and the products, check out the official website and Instagram.