Meet Alan Lazar, the ‘Marketing Mastermind’ host and a serial entrepreneur

Marketing is a key aspect of business for every brand. It is essential to gain visibility while also building a strong brand image. The secret to exponential growth is to build a brand that people trust. When you think of powerful marketing, the name Alan Lazar comes to mind.

Alan Lazar, an investor and a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses is a self-made man, having started from scratch. Besides being great at business, he is also the host of ‘Marketing Mastermind’ – a podcast where he discusses a number of business and entrepreneurial topics ranging from corporate growth, goal setting, strategic marketing, and integrated marketing campaigns among others.

Alan’s professional journey started when he dropped out of college to help support his family and started working as a telemarketer. 4 years later, he had a team of 330 employees based out of Delhi. He shifted his focus onto internet marketing and traffic arbitrage. While commenting on his choice of careers, Alan said, “If you’re good at paid marketing, you can partner with any kind of business. Everyone needs clients such as lawyers, surgeons, dentists etc.”

Alan recently interviewed Tim Storey as a part of his show “World Shakers” on Facebook. Through his show, Alan shared his insights, tips, tricks, and strategies to help budding entrepreneurs scale up their businesses and maximize growth. Alan proves by example that there are no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you put in the effort and have faith in your own ability. His show garnered a strong following with thousands of views, while also serving as an excellent medium where people could communicate with him.

Besides this, Alan is also associated with Grant Cardone as a corporate strategist.  Alan has another successful venture in the realm of e-commerce with his own range of branded products. Today, Alan is raking in 8-digit revenues through his businesses. Having a string of successful businesses and ventures under his belt, Alan truly is a marketing genius when it comes to sustainable scaling and exponential growth. Alan further added, “Even the most well-established companies or brands need to have a powerful marketing strategy. It is essential to adapt, evolve, and improve depending on the current situation. Companies that do so are the ones that will succeed.”

Having worked with clients such as Tai Lopez, Lewis Howes, Dean Graziosi, and Ed Mylett, Alan has helped generate revenues worth millions of dollars for them. His inclination towards innovative start-ups and unique business propositions led him to invest in Pig Out Chips, a plant-based chip made from mushrooms that taste like bacon which are currently being sold at Whole Foods and other large stores. Due to his passion for sharing knowledge and expertise with people across the world, he even invested in an app named “Hundy” which serves as a platform to help entrepreneurs gain financial assistance from investors.

Alan’s professional journey has been remarkable. He continues to develop new concepts, ideas, and solutions for his clients, while constantly upgrading his own skillset. He has a number of new projects in the works and it is certain that his story will be an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.