Matthew J Phillips Shuts Down All Common Coaching, Consulting and Mentorship Myths

Meet Matthew J Phillips a 19-year-old entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. He’s the creator of the Organic Clients Program providing a roadmap to success for fitness coaches all the way to relationship consultants and business mentors. He has dozens of success stories and has gained the respect of his industry.

We asked him some questions about what you need or don’t need to be a coach, consultant or mentor, he broke down for us some of the myths.

So, if you like watching the top 10 mysteries of the ocean videos on Youtube for hours you’ll love this – even more, if you’re a coach, consultant or mentor yourself.

Matthew J Phillips

Myth one: You need a website

It’s not uncommon to see multiple 6 figures and 7 figures earners with no website. In fact, Matthew himself doesn’t have an official website and neither does his students. A website only serves a purpose if you’re able to drive people to it. The majority of people he says, set up a website immediately upon the idea of starting up their business with no idea how to drive people towards it, and without that, it serves no purpose. Matthew says to focus on lead generation first, and instead of a website, a simple call booking calendar will work just as well if not better. This is precisely what he recommends to all of his students and audience.

Myth two: You need paid ads

If you can’t get clients organically, why are you even considering paid ads? One of Matthew’s students made £23,000 in just weeks from posting content and using organic strategies. No paid ads needed. Master organic, build up your funds then scale with paid ads.

Myth three: You need testimonials

Many new coaches are caught in a trap of inaction as they fear if they go to close a client the prospect will ask for success stories, they’ll have nothing to show, and the deal will collapse. This doesn’t have to be the case! People buy into the person before they buy into the offer – In most cases. Sell people on you and there will be a few that will close with no need to provide results of past clients. Get them great success and you’re fine from there onwards.

Myth four: Start high-ticket

If you’re just starting out, do not listen to those that advise you to start only focusing on closing 2,3,5k+ deals. You’re just starting! You’re new to this! If it’s been 6 months with still no client closed, it’s likely because your price is so high you don’t know how to sell it, you don’t have the confidence to sell it or you don’t have the proof that it’s worth it. Don’t try skipping levels, it’s totally fine to not charge as much as others, you know they’re likely ahead of you.

“Never Compare Your Chapter One To Someone Elses Chapter 20”

Myth five: You need a degree or qualification

Reality is, all that matters is you can deliver results. Morally and safely. You don’t need a piece of paper to prove that. You need legitimate success stories to prove that. Go out and get them! Not in all instances of course, but depending upon the industry this is the case.

Myth six: You need a huge brand

Many people will reach out to Matthew and ask him how he’s grown his audience to get clients. Whilst he acknowledges that having a large audience helps and definitely should be on the cards for all coaches to achieve, it is not necessary for closing clients and building a successful business. All you need is a couple of people with problems you can solve on a week-to-week basis for a very solid income. That’s it!

Myth seven: You need an LTD or LLC

One of Matthew’s mentors got up to $20,000 per month before setting up an LLC. He then sorted out all of his taxes. Not recommended, but in the beginning, I would recommend proving to yourself you can do this by going out and getting clients, then go through the hassle of setting everything up later.