Maryland Drops Below California in Latest National Conservative Rankings

Ranked – Most Progressive and Conservative Maryland Lawmakers

ALEXANDRIA, VA — The conservative rating of Maryland’s legislature has dropped to a record low of 22.68% dropping the state below California (24.03%) in the national conservative rankings produced by the Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA). The rankings are based on analyses of the voting of all 7,400 state lawmakers in the nation, including over 285,000 individual votes across nearly 4,000 different bills introduced across the 50 state legislatures.

The analysis also found that Maryland’s Republican State Senators have the most liberal voting records in the nation when evaluating Republican voting patterns across the 99 legislative chambers of the states. In comparison, Alabama’s Democratic Senators have more conservative voting records (57.61%) compared to Maryland’s Republican Senators (48.59% average conservative rating). The conservative rating is based on lawmaker voting across 186 policy areas ranging from cultural and life issues to tax, fiscal, and regulatory policies.

However, the voting records of Republicans within Maryland’s House of Delegates trended more in line with the national average, with 16 lawmakers receiving awards from CPAC for conservative ratings of 80% and above. Additionally, CPAC presented 19 Democratic lawmakers with its “Coalition of the Radical Left Award” for their conservative ratings of 0%.

The CLA (a project of CPAC Foundation and the American Conservative Union Foundation) released the ratings ahead of its national CPAC conference – the largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the nation – which will be held this week in National Harbor, MD from March 1-4.

Awards for Conservative Excellence and Achievement

Conservative Ratings of 80% and Above

Mark Fisher (100%)

Robin Grammer (100%)

Nino Mangione (100%)

Matt Morgan (94%)

William Wivell (92%)

Chris Adams (88%)

Brian Chisholm (88%)

Kathy Szeliga (88%)

Lauren Arikan (86%)

Johnny Mautz (86%)

April Rose (86%)

Jeff Ghrist (85%)

Wayne Hartman (85%)

Jesse Pippy (84%)

Steven Arentz (82%)

Rob Long (80%)

Awards for Coalition of the Radical Left

Conservative Ratings of 0%

Jon Cardin (0%)

Lorig Charkoudian (0%)

Debra Davis (0%)

Jessica Feldmark (0%)

Linda Foley (0%)

Catherine Forbes (0%)

Mary Lehman (0%)

Jazz Lewis (0%)

Robbyn Lewis (0%)

Sara Love (0%)

David Moon (0%)

Julie Palakovich Carr (0%)

Joseline Pena-Melnyk (0%)

Emily Shetty (0%)

Stephanie Smith (0%)

Jared Solomon (0%)

Vaughn Stewart (0%)

Jen Terrasa (0%)

Jheanelle Wilkins (0%)

The CLA is the first and only organization to annually publish individual ratings for all 8,000 federal and state lawmakers in America. The CLA is also home to the nation’s most comprehensive conservative policy database containing over 19,500 detailed bill analyses which span 50 years of Congress and all 50 state legislatures.