Liz Korn Speaks About Working with Celebrities in the Fashion Industry

BA celebrities like LeBron James and Allen Iverson have forever changed the NBA’s attitude towards fashion. Athletes use this influence to create something for themselves: they wear new types of headphones, runway-only fashion items, and luxury designer. In today’s NBA, athletes are their own brands. What they wear is not just personal style. This is a business. They prefer to call stylist stylized like Liz Korn, owner of Pure Atlanta.

We see that athletes appreciate the brands they work with more and more, says Liz Korn. Over the past few years, the individual athlete has become the most vital part of the sport. We don’t expect this to change anytime soon.”

Who is Liz Korn?

Liz Korn (also known as “Lizzie Pure”) is the owner of the fashion retail brand Pure Atlanta. Liz Korn is a brand organizer, trendy, attractive stylist, and a hell of a salesperson. She has always taken an interest in luxury fashion. Throughout her career, Liz Korn has transformed celebrity athletes into fashion superstars. She has been referred to by famous names and is widely credited with her successes in the NBA.

Korn brings positive energy to everything she does has motivated her from the beginning. “Inclusiveness” and “Luxury” are two words that are not usually used together, but in Pure, these terms not only intertwine, but they are also, in fact, the main engine of culture.

Liz Korn has become the queen of the Atlanta retail stores. Her store offers stylish and trendy products with brands such as Versace, Moschino, Balmain, Giuseppe Zanotti, and DSquared2. These designers remain strong, but they also serve as the golden key to a handful of the most coveted items in the consumer market. She confidently designs clothing for both celebrities and NBA players.

Being the owner of the reputable brand Pure Atlanta and designer luxury connection for celebrities a lot has to happen behind the scenes. Lizzie Pure styles the players of the NBA league to make them feel comfortable before and after competitive basketball matches.

Liz Korn says that “Pure is changing the definition of luxury boutique retail and consumer attitudes towards luxury fashion.” According to star stylist Liz Korn, the clothes players wear are often picked weeks, days or months in advance. Her website features over 1,000 different celebrities. Celebrities shop at Pure because it has the best products the most part. They’ve traveled all over the world and seen the best, but still prefer to shop with Liz Korn because of her products are genuine and she provides the best customer service.

Instagram superstar and NBA fashion designer Liz Korn is making great strides in her retail business. She focuses on creating more designer products. She is very passionate about her work. If you want stylish and high-quality products, just take a look at Pure, and we are sure that you will definitely find the highest quality and trendiest clothes. Lizzie Pure is a real inspiration for all retail business owners. She always creates streetwear for the following trends with kash. We’re excited to see what Pure Atlanta does next. We wish her all the success in her business.