List of the most popular software development companies in Poland

Software development companies in Europe offer top quality tech services and short lead times. The price of work varies greatly depending on the country. The practice has long proved that outsourcing orders can be cost-effective. In addition to this, clients have the opportunity to choose the most qualified contractor. Thus, two tasks for the development of business will be solved at once.

In this article, potential customers will find a complete list of the best teams for Eastern Europe software outsourcing. Among IT companies, many are international. Get a rewarding experience with offshore.

Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

Eastern European outsourcing works well with several countries. Among them are Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Among these countries, the highest rates are requested by Polish developers. At the same time, a massive selection of companies with high qualifications and extensive experience in individual programming areas opens up for customers. Most of the time, the team will work remotely. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a group that focuses on a narrow direction that is most consistent with the goals of the business.

Command Examples

For those who have firmly decided to take the opportunity of Eastern Europe software outsourcing, we offer our rating. The list includes Polish developers with a high user rating.

  1. Brainhub is rated 4.8 based on reviews from 18 customers. The team offers potential customers to evaluate cases. They include a description of the problem and the result. Numbers accompany each decision. The main area of activity is customer development. The team consists of JavaScript, QA, UX / UI Design and Architecture professionals. The cost of project implementation ranges from 50 to 99 dollars per hour.

  2. Gecko Dynamics IT brand offers assistance in the development and launch of web applications and software. Twelve satisfied customers rated the company at 4.9 points. The company has a wide profile. Customers can order web, custom software and mobile development. Customers can also seek technical support or an audit of ongoing projects. The company estimates the working hours of team members from 25 to 49 dollars per hour.

  3. The Software House team is an experienced developer of mobile applications, and SaaS. 31 customer reviews put the overall staff competency rating at 4.9 points. The company’s policy is aimed at long-term cooperation and the development of large-scale projects. The brand offers reliable and comprehensive cloud computing solutions and CTOs. The working time of the team members was estimated from 25 to 49 dollars per hour.

Bottom line

Many Western and even American businesses opt for technical outsourcing to Eastern Europe. This step can significantly reduce the budget. The quality of development remains at a high level. Moreover, the customer can get new ways to implement their ideas. This is because, in every region, programmers have especially favourite tricks in their work. It is these nuances that can have a decisive influence on the uniqueness of a future product.