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Letter to the Editor: A World with No Weapons

As an extension of what was printed of ours in the Las Vegas Review-Journal the day after the massacre, enclosed is a broader statement of our 30 years’ long attitude towards weapons and the misery they bring about by death, crippling and the loss of freedom they effect in the hands of police state police.

Let’s get sensible before the constant bubbling up of conflict and violence in America and the world ends with nuclear level mass murder. Enclosed is our latest peace blurb whose attachment backs our Chicken-Little hypothesis in the mathematical language that we really are going to blow ourselves all up unless we try something drastically different to halt our going off the nuclear cliff around the bend.

To that end we need someone with a bullhorn to broadcast the message. Which you all at the LVRJ can do by semi-formally critiquing it. It is rich in politics and science, just the perfect task for Las Vegas with one of the finest newspapers in the country to review the politics and UNLV for the science (give it to a handful of STEM  professors there.)

More said than that is a sermon and there’s enough of that in the following.


A World with No Weapons

As we wrote in the Las Vegas Review-Journal the day after the massacre, “When will they ever learn? This horrendous Las Vegas shooting should convince everybody that we have to get rid of the weapons. Obviously, nobody — no matter how angry and violent he feels — could do that much damage if the weapons were not so readily available.”

This squarely puts the blame for its 58 deaths and massive suffering on our fake president who would not care if he murdered 5058 innocents with his endless gun encouragements to pay off the NRA’s $500 million support of the Republicans. And as we’ll soon see, he’ll not care if he murders 5,000,058 people with his doubletalk rationalized nuclear strike on North Korea he’ll use to deflect from his theft of the White House that will become crystal clear once Special Counsel Mueller releases his unarguably incriminating findings.

In the aftermath of the Mueller report and Fathead’s Korean mass murder, we are sure that the equally disgusting Republican Congress, may all those congenital liars come down with incurable pancreatic cancer, will not impeach. For they quite understand that “of the people, by the people and for the people” is nothing but a joke played on the American people as part of the doubletalk used to retain the power these creepy jerks are obsessed with. To reverse the coming Nazi-like conservative dictatorship, revolution will be the worthy vocation for every American excepting the critically wounded robots out there who prefer to suck their thumbs and limit their resistance to their humiliations to idle complaining.

Let me illustrate the muck working adults live in by making clear that what Stephen Paddock did in Las Vegas was commit suicide, the fact that he accompanied this ultimate act of desperation driven by the misery of life with mass murder to make the suicide less painful emotionally being entirely secondary as to his motive. This, of course, is the hidden misery caused by the hyper-controlled society that America most certainly has become beneath the smiling song and dance, rah, rah, bullshit on TV that we are enveloped in 24/7.

Or aren’t you dummy jackasses reading this for entertainment’s sake able to discard the delusions media provides to keep you comfortably numb and have the balls to see things straight, the truth of this shithole we live in then leaving you with no choice but to wake up and fight back. Or is the pain so great from what you’ve already lost and are you so crippled as to unable to recover it, that all that’s left once the truth of what a jerk you’ve been made into is for you to commit suicide yourself.

I don’t want to hear that it’s hopeless to fight against the ruling class and their predations. Because helping us at A World with No Weapons to change this ugly world by getting rid of the weapons that protect the privileged and kill people in mass murder and war is quite possible, the means to this end spelled out clearly on the attachment. Let’s all the true lovers of freedom, the young in age and at heart, skip the jackass music festivals and any watching of asshole sports programming and the like from here on in and focus on how to agitate on the heads of the asshole right wing enough to make them all come down with pancreatic cancer and die off quickly, for the conservatives are not some other side of an acceptable political coin, but a pack of murderous drag queens worthless in every way conceivable, truly the scum down the bottom of your toilet bowl.

These are not opinions but a conclusion of scientific reasoning that is as correct as climate change and the evolutionary principles these creeps deny to keep the populace wrapped up in the king-sized religious delusion whose main trick on those naïve or wounded enough to believe the hogwash, is the absurd moral generalization that people who know their place and obey the laws and rules of ruling class that keep them in place are “good” people.

The above political insights are spelled out on the enclosed attachment with great precision by two very wide awake biophysicists who’ve been blessed by enough hard fought freedom in life to have missed having their righteous anger managed into accepting the subordinate status that infects America and eventually drives the workers’ and soldiers’ spirits miserably into delusional thinking that makes any restoration back to happiness impossible. If you’re not yet at this irreversibly critical point, heed our warnings that the crap peddled on TV in its ads, fiction and journalism is inherently pure behavior and thought propaganda that should be ripped apart with the same anger that the pseudo-democratic institutions that control us with their hidden police state coercions deserve.

The only way to do this is to aim our sights on getting rid of all the weapons, this at the risk of whatever punishments may be thrown our way including death. For the end point of the unhappiness of control imposed upon us in its violent expiation, as we saw in Las Vegas, is the ultimate lunatic violence of nuclear war and our annihilation.


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