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Last minute cruise tips for packing smart

Having a happy life includes, taking a break and making time for fun and relaxation.

With work, the everyday hustle and bustle, running after a toddler. I decided it is totally time for a getaway. I wanted a trip where I could get away from it all. Meaning no cooking, cleaning, or using my laptop. It’s all off limits for me. I am totally going for relaxation.

So, I decided on taking a cruise. I decided this vacation would be a stress free, go with flow type of break from my from stressors of every day life. I grabbed my laptop and researched the closest departure port within driving distance from my home and decided on taking a cruise. I let my boyfriend know my plans and he was down. We happily booked our vacation to the Bahamas.

Woo hoo, now that the trip is booked. It was time to get down to preparing for the vacation. Minimalism is key. I was not carrying more than one suite case. I refused to pack every style of shoe, not transporting every different pattern sundress, or every shade of lipstick. I never end up using must of the stuff I bring any way. So, just the necessities.

Normally, I would go out and purchase new clothes and makeup that I just knew I had to have, but would return home without even opening the items.   I decided it is time for a change. Enough money and time wasted on shopping and purchasing those items, when it results in just more luggage to carry.

My issue in the past, was I always over packed shoes. My shoes take up way too much space. To the point where I would have to bring another entire bag just to carry them in. This vacation, I was not making that same mistake.

Maybe its age, but I don’t have time for it. It’s simple, I’m only bringing what I will be wearing. I decided on flats only. One pair of sneaker for venturing out in the Bahamas or any excursion that we decided to explore. I only allowed myself to bring one pair of brown and black flat sandals. I choose shoes that was versatile. I picked sandals that I could wear for lounging in my sundress as well as dressier outfits for dinner.

Proudly, I slimmed down my wardrobe. I didn’t even realize that I packed less clothes, with all the activities, margaritas, and fun who has time to continue to change their outfits throughout the day. I allowed myself two bikinis that I could mix and match if I choose. My wardrobe mainly consisted of shorts, small tops, and one dress that could be worn to dinner. Just because I had less options, did not mean my options where not stylish. Although, I decreased my wardrobe by 50 percent. I was not rocking a granny pack and an old baggy t-shirt. I succeeded at keeping it simple, bohemian, and cute.

For accessories and makeup: I opted for a cross body small purse that I could fit all my mandatory items in that bag. It was so nice to not have to worry about hauling around a big bag. It was light, secure, and across my body, therefore it was not going anywhere. Leaving my hands free to hold my cute souvenir cocktail cup, or whatever. With makeup, I find wearing less when I am traveling to places with tropical climate is better. I don’t have to worry about my makeup running, melting, or smudging from the heat. I choose to bring one color of lip stick as well as lip gloss that paired well with all my outfits, that could even cross over well in the evening. I didn’t do blush or any eye shadows.

My biggest mistake was ignoring boyfriend who literally told me to take my medication an hour before boarding the ship, so that I could avoid getting sea sick once we were on the cruise. I did not listen and let me tell you. I quickly regretted it.

Luckily, I did listen when he told me to purchase it before our cruise, so I did have it in my possession, just not in my damn system. Lol. Unfortunately, I was nauseated for about three hours. I had to take a break and lay down, but once it kicked it I wasn’t nauseated again.

Therefore, packing medication is extremely important. I recommend not skimming down in this area. If you think it is needed, bring it. Once that ship leaves they are not turning so that you can run back and grab those pills. I did pack all medication that I thought I would need such as Tylenol and Benadryl. I was prepared, but next time, I will listen to him and take my medication before I get on the ship.

Toiletries: I made sure to have all necessary toiletries without bringing the entire bathroom cabinet. Any items that I could share with him, I did. I made sure we did not double pack, items such as tooth paste, shower gel, or lotion. This helped with decreasing the amount of luggage we would have to bring, making room for souvenirs, bohemian rum, and other goodies.

Don’t bring stress on your vacation. Pack light and have fun.

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