Jumbo Stock recognized for possessing the widest variety of products across multiple verticals

When it comes to home products chain in Israel that offers multitude of options, Jumbo Stock is the brand that comes to the minds of people. They recognize the brand as a ‘pleasant place offering pleasant prices and a large selection of household items’. Roy Vanono, the owner of this national chain shares how Jumbo Stock strives hard to provide citizens with everything that makes a home sweet home. Let’s delve.

Variety is key

“There is a variety of quality products and good customer service,” says one delighted customer. “It’s a great place with a wealth of good quality products at attractive prices and a young, quick cashier,” says another. Roy’s focus has always been on serving the entire family from kids and teens to parents and grandparents. He shares, “Our stores elevate the shopping experience by allowing everyone in the family to furnish and equip their home space with a personal touch.”

Courtesy photo from Jumbo Stock

Jumbo Stock stores offer an extensive range of design items, furniture and home decoration. There’s a huge section apportioned to textiles, bedding, kitchen, and complementary products and accessories for the bathroom. For those wondering what about their kids, there are toys, games, leisure, and school accessories. If the kids are planning for camping, there’s a whole bunch of section for that too. Then there are items of electricity, goods for dog, cleaning, pharma, home practice and much more.

Convenience of shopping

Jumbo Stock also has an online shopping website. Now, apart from going to their amazing stores, one can buy items from the comfort of their couches and get it delivered at NIS 29 within a day or two.

Tailored to personal style

Roy mentions that stocking up of a variety of products has helped Jumbo Stock to improve upon the experience of a customer by giving her the ‘privilege to be spoilt for choice’. He So whether one is moving to a new house or wants to refurbish the old one, Jumbo Stock has everything like a book stand in TV design, cool coffee tables, well-designed dressers and much more that will add a ‘touch of you’ to the house.

Founded in 2015, today Jumbo Stock has 11 stores all over Israel. It has become a hotspot for families looking to buy from a wide range of quality products designed at affordable prices.