Juicing: Cleansing the body and the mind

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Think of a bouncy little golden Labrador puppy, wet nose, bright eyes, wagging tale, shiny coat, a bundle of energy and full of life.

Well, that was me – five days after a rigorous juice cleanse by Jus for Julie.

I attempted the three-day juice cleanse back last year, and struggled because it was all new to me, and I like my food, so drinking juices was a whole new ball game for me.


So, with the challenge of the five day cleanse ahead of me, I set myself into a frame of mind that was most positive, and woke up on Monday, uttering the words: ‘I’m quite excited about my juice cleanse’ to my husband, who had no idea what I was on about.

I love the juices by Jus by Julie, and now I knew what to expect, I could pace myself. Filled with fruits, vegetables and proteins, the ingredients are incredibly tasty and I knew that I was going to get filled up fast by them. In fact, on day one, I paced myself so well I was left with one juice left over, but because I wanted to stick to the rules, I downed that before bed.

The key to juicing is not to put yourself in any situation where there is real food – you know, the stuff you chew. My senses did crave this from time to time and it was tough to sit and watch my friends eat pizza one night, but I just told them I was juicing, and they just took it as wrote.

The peanut butter juice is just the best, and if I could get that one on a stand alone order I would definitely have it on hand in the fridge and the freezer as my go-to snack.

It’s important to remember that this juicing is not about weight loss, but about cleansing the body and clearing out the toxins – it’s a health regimen. And because I had my mind focused on this, I felt that I managed to clear out a lot of the bad eating habits that I have when I am tired or have exercised a lot. And I’m a picker, which means I’m always grazing, so this was very routined eating and worked for me, setting in motion a much more concrete way of taking in food.

Today I tasted real food again for the first time, but whilst it tasted great, I understood that to fall back into bad eating habits and to undo all the good work of the cleanse would just wrong, so I set myself a routine food program and I hope to stick to it.

Even with Spring Break and Easter looming, the juice cleanse will be at the back of mind, reminding me that if I can do it for five days straight, I can be disciplined and proactive any day of the week, especially if I want to feel like a bouncy Labrador puppy again 🙂 .

Jus By Julie’s website calls this juicing experience a ‘healthy obsession’ – I’d concur with that!


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