Judge claims FBI refused information on police corruption probe after pressure from LVMPD

FBI Aaron Rouse and Patrick Brodsky (Screenshot)

LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas Township Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that in 2017  FBI agent Kevin White told her he was ordered not to talk to her about Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police corruption.

The judge was providing information on dirty cops and prostitution.

White said Special Agent-in-Charge Patrick Brodsky ordered him not to take the information, she said.

The FBI agent said Brodsky claimed Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff, Todd Fasulo, contacted Brodsky and wanted the agent to stop talking to her, she said.

Brodsky was the second in command of the FBI Las Vegas Division at the time. His boss was Aaron Rouse, the Special Agent-In-Charge.

Fasulo retired from the LVMPD in December of 2017 and went to work for Wynn Resorts Las Vegas, as an executive in security. Brodsky retired in April 2018 and he also went to work at Wynn Resorts as an executive in security.

The Las Vegas FBI Division, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Attorneys Office and the Clark County Nevada District Attorney’s Office were all contacted in 2018 by email and asked specific questions relating to what the judge told the Baltimore Post-Examiner. None returned our requests for comment.

On Sunday the Baltimore Post-Examiner made telephone contact with Todd Fasulo at the Wynn Resort.

He was advised we were on the record. He was asked, “While you were Assistant Sheriff did you tell the FBI to have an FBI agent stop talking to Judge Tobiasson about police corruption?” Fasulo responded, “There is no truth to your story. You are going down the gopher hole.”

Todd Fasulo (LVMPD)

He was then asked, “So you didn’t tell Patrick Brodsky to have the agent stop talking to Judge Tobiasson.” Fasulo responded, “I have no further comment.”

Patrick Brodsky did not return our call.

The following are excerpts of an exclusive recorded interview conducted in 2018 by the Baltimore Post-Examiner with Judge Andress-Tobiasson.

Some names are redacted to protect confidentiality and other persons are only identified by their first names. The Baltimore Post-Examiner knows the actual identity of all persons mentioned in this story.

The interview

Tobiasson: This all started about in the summer of 2015. I had a case in front of me where a judge’s daughter was a victim of a brutal beating by two female defendants. It turns out that those two defendants worked for a pimp by the name of Shane Valentine, as did the judge’s daughter. The pimp who was at the scene of the initial beating was actually directing the girls to inflict the beating on this judge’s daughter, was never charged.

One of the two girls whose name was Sophia, died prior to the preliminary hearing. She was the daughter of a guy by the name of Vinny who went to federal prison with a guy by the name of Rick. Vinny is a reputed Bonanno Crime Family soldier, which was interesting considering his daughter was a prostitute for Shane Valentine, who initially I thought was just some thug.

Las Vegas Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson

We had the preliminary hearing and in the middle of the preliminary hearing, four guys come in and sit in the back row and start staring at the judge’s daughter who testified, and I kicked them out of my courtroom and had them escorted out of the entire courthouse.

One of those people was Shane Valentine. At the time my daughter was a sophomore at Bishop Gorman High School here in Las Vegas and she was very good friends with a girl, also a sophomore, whose dad was a police officer with Metro. This girl from what I understand, and I didn’t know at the time, was actually working as a prostitute for Shane. We got a judge’s daughter and a police officer’s daughter. Shane Valentine becomes aware that I have a daughter and within about two weeks of that hearing, my daughter is introduced to Shane Valentine by the other girl, the police officer’s daughter, that was her friend.

About July of 2015, my daughter starts hanging out at a place, what we call Chinatown here in Las Vegas, called Top Notch. It was a hip-hop clothing store that when I looked into, realized it was not really a clothing store, it was a front for an unlicensed club and also on a regular basis, had young, local high school girls hanging out in the club dancing. There were stripper poles in the back of the club. There was a full bar. There were, at night if you watched the alley behind the club you would see the people come in. You know typical Mercedes, Range Rovers, Bentleys, Rolls Royce, whatever. They would all pull in and you would see the people getting out and you could see exactly what was going on. They would go in through the alley back door, and it was, in fact, an unlicensed club.

In July of 2015, I started contacting detectives in Vice, asking them about this particular establishment. They tell me they have no knowledge of it whatsoever. I gathered some additional information, find out that the two men running this club, both are convicted pimps and one of whom is having a case in front of me. He was a 34-year-old. I take that information to the police and say listen, these guys have young girls from you know, local high schools hanging out in here every night and from my understanding, they’re entertaining in this unlicensed club. And at one point one of the vice officers apparently walked through there about two o’clock in the afternoon. I can assure you there was no activity going on and reports back to me that it definitely appears to be suspicious. That’s the only thing that was ever done in the entire year and three months or so that I was giving information to vice. They never follow-up or do anything else.

My daughter at some point tells me that she is going to start working there and I tell her, you know, I make it very clear it is not a legitimate business and I make it very clear that she’s risking a lot for our family by hanging out with these kind of people. I’m also in a very precarious position because doing everything I can to keep it so that we have a relationship and I don’t alienate her, so what I do is I allow her to go and work there, but I watch it. I sit, I watch while she’s there and in about three weeks she says she doesn’t want to go back there; good, don’t go back. But my understanding even after that, they would hang out there, it was like a hookah lounge slash strip club, so I continue to tell the police this, I watch the back alley, I get license plate numbers, vehicle makes and models, tell them what’s going on, get the information and you know to express my concern repeatedly that there are 30 something-year-old pimps, running this unlicensed club with all these underage girls hanging out there.

It’s interesting enough the first time I took the information to the police, I wasn’t so concerned because I figured within a week, the place would be shut down. Well, clearly that didn’t happen because I subsequently learned that not only did the police know about this place when I first started giving them information, they knew about a lot of places like this, and they were kind of untouchable.

There were certain pimps that were untouchable and then there were certain pimps they would go after. The pimps that were untouchable from my understanding were the pimps who would play the game. They would pay the price, they would, you know, offer their girls, and they would get to do whatever they wanted, despite the fact that they were targeting, you know, judge’s daughters, cop’s daughters, etcetera.

I learned pretty quickly that Shane Valentine was also untouchable, no matter what I said to the police about him, they never went after him. So, this was about September, this goes into September, October 2015, then my daughter quit kind of hanging out there, occasionally she would go there but mostly she wasn’t going there.

December of 2015 I still continued to give information, even when my daughter was no longer going there because I figured it was not only my daughter that was in jeopardy. December 2015 my daughter comes to me and she says to me she met a guy the night before, she went to his house, apparently was sent to him by the people at Top Notch to get a fake ID, or at least by people that she had met at Top Notch. That person was Shane Valentine. She had met him, but she did not really had much interaction with him. On this particular night she goes over there to get a fake ID and he starts you know, talking the talk, and I had given her a heads up about what that would sound like, what that would look like, and he starts talking the talk, and tells her that he is going to teach her how, that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and he was going to teach her how to “work” the Strip and she’s going to make money for him.

She said no, that’s not my thing, I’m not doing that. There were some pretty choice words exchanged between the two and then the next morning she advised me what had happened, and I was thank God, that she was home safe, and we had a lengthy conversation about, again, the risks she was taking hanging out with these kinds of people and what it would require of me, if one of them were to get her.

I then immediately contacted Vice again and this was probably the fifth or sixth time I had contacted them in this particular period of time, July to December of 2015. I contacted them immediately. Gave them his name, the address she had gone, the fact that he had drugs and guns in the house, he was ex-felon and the conversation he had had with my daughter and the fact that he was clear that he also had other girls working for him. They did nothing. They said they would look into it. I subsequently learned that not only did they know who he was, but he was also pretty much untouchable, and they never even queried the address, because they never had any intention of going after him.

For a long period of time I thought that they were just lazy, that they thought why is she letting her daughter do this, you know my theory was, they should understand that when you’re dealing with this kind of stuff, you try to do everything in your power to keep your child talking to you because if you alienate them you basically send them into the lions den.

February, that scared my daughter. I would say she started then, she really started separating herself from the hookah lounges and these after-hours clubs and was breaking away from that. February 2016 Shane Valentine is caught on video, very very close to my house, doing residential burglaries. When he wasn’t pimping out girls and selling dope he was burglarizing houses, and in fact, a lieutenant at Metro, at one point told me that he was, they thought he was good for at least six-hundred burglaries. During the time he was out on bail for this particular burglary, I’m about to tell you about.

He’s caught on surveillance camera and they put a warrant out for him. Now, prior to that, there were six burglaries in my neighborhood, that were the same M.O., same description, I went to the burglary detective and said I believe he had done those and also told him, you know, about the situation with my daughter and about the situation with these other girls and they did nothing. I mean, he got arrested for the one burglary that he did on tape, but they did no follow up on the other burglaries. Nobody ever attempted to get a search warrant for his house, despite the fact there were people who could say they saw guns and drugs, whatever, in the house.

At this time, when they issued the arrest warrant for him, I learned that he’s got an outstanding bench warrant on a domestic violence case, in front of me, where he beat up a girl at a place called Panorama Towers, which is notorious for pimp and prostitution activity, clear from the facts of the case that she was a prostitute working for him. He beats her up, a security guard comes to her aid, he doesn’t leave. Sends her pictures of him with guns, threatens to kill her, so she’s never going to be safe. She gives a statement to the police basically that she’s terrified, afraid to leave her house because she’s afraid he’s going to kill her.

May of 2016, Shane Valentine gets picked up on those warrants, bailed out on the burglary case, pleads guilty to the battery domestic violence case in front of me, and I recuse. But during that conversation, I had brought counsel into my chambers to explain to them, you know, the circumstances around this guy and my concerns for my daughter. The DA at that time says to me, “judge this is the guy who pimped out the other judge’s daughter.”

She just happened to remember that he was the one on the other case, that he was the pimp, even though he wasn’t charged, she remembered his name. I had never made the connection, until that moment. Now, mind you I am telling the police about Shane now for six months, and then I learn this detail and because now I realize that he was targeting certain types of girls or certain families, now I know for sure.

So, I call Vice again and I said I have just learned that he is the same guy who pimped out the other judge’s daughter, and they seemed to be shocked, however I now know that they knew exactly who he was and exactly who he had pimped out when I first gave his information to them. They knew he was the guy who had pimped out this judge’s daughter. They knew he had never been charged, they had never submitted a case on him and they’ve never gone after him.

About a month later he comes back to court and I recuse, I had taken the plea on the case because the case was negotiated. I had taken the plea and I had to explain to the attorneys that though there was a conflict, and I would never put him in jail. I didn’t want to recuse because I wasn’t sure if he was aware of the relationship. Both parties agreed that since the case was negotiated, and it was just a misdemeanor that I would take the plea, and if there was ever a time that the time needed to be imposed, I would recuse.

By the first status check I had decided that I was going to recuse anyway because there was nothing good about me being on his case, and I had learned some other information by that time so, when he comes back for his first status check, I recuse. Later that day he starts contacting my daughter from a blocked phone number. She has not heard from him in some time, probably since the warrant went out in February. So, she calls me immediately, she says was Shane in court today I say yes he was, she said he’s been contacting me. So, he called her two or three times from two or three different numbers. The first time he called, he texted this message to her. She said who is this, he said it’s “Sugar,” that’s Sugar Shane. She blocks him. He then calls her from another number and says why the fuck you going to do that. She blocks him again. I can’t remember if he did a third number or it was just the two. But she contacted me immediately.

I then called Vice and I told them.

BPE: Who’d you talk to in Vice, who are the detectives you are talking to?

Tobiasson: The majority of the time, I spoke to Detective Bluth and Beas. That would be Kelly Bluth and Al Beas. I had also talked to Cathy Hui, I talked to Greg Flores, I talked to several others, you know, in passing. Beas and Bluth were the ones I took most of the information to, but I had given information to Flores, I had given information to, I had also talked to a detective by the name of Van Cleef. But, at this time I called Bluth and Beas again and I tell them that he was in court and as soon as he left my court he started contacting my daughter. I go, I don’t understand why you guys don’t do anything. You know, um, but uh, I contacted his attorney because it was now going on a year that I had been calling Vice and that they have done zero. Absolutely nothing.

Kelly Bluth, he is a man. His wife is a prosecutor. She is a DA. Her name is Jacqueline Bluth. Then there’s Cathy Hui. Gregory Flores. Then there was a Van Cleef.

It’s about July now of 2016 and because I know now at this point that the cops aren’t going to do anything. But, I was at the point that this guy is going to continue to mess with my daughter, clearly, the police don’t give a shit, they’re not going to protect her. I spent a year trying to get that, to do some sort of independent investigation and shut these places down. I had given them that Shane Valentine was associated with a place called “Milk Money” that was the same kind of thing called “Top Notch,” you know it was kind of like a front, they use these clothing stores in strip malls and at area malls that look like clothing stores from the front but there actually unlicensed clubs. And that’s all over town. Milk Money from my understanding from talking to people in the industry is owned and run by “Mally Mall,” that should explain some things to you because Shane Valentine was associated with Milk Money.

Mally Mall’s people, in other words, pimps that worked under Mally Mall’s permission were pretty much untouchable. Just like Ocean Fleming and Raymond Sharp said. So which explains why they never ever went after Shane Valentine. So he does get charged with the burglary, hard not to since it was on videotape but it all over the news, and so why he’s out on bail on that burglary, while I continue to go to the police and while he continues to harass my daughter, the police continue to do nothing.

During that time from what I understand he’s still pimping out girls, he’s still selling dope, he’s still burglarizing houses. It was well known among the kids, the teenagers who hung out in this group of people who hung out in the hookah lounges that Shane and a kid named Neo were doing burglaries. I’ll come up with Neo’s name in a minute, sometimes it escapes me.

So, this is summer, my daughter was actually doing very well, she was working at you know, a regular place doing really well, had a different group of friends, was not involved with the stuff, but I continued to push it because at any time, there were several times I had conversations with Bluth where he said what’s going on with your daughter and I’d say my daughters fine and he goes, what do you want us to do and I said just because my daughter is fine, doesn’t mean other people’s daughters are fine. I said this isn’t just about my kid, this is about everyone’s kids.

So, September 26 of 2016, it was a Sunday, I get a search warrant call from homicide. About halfway thru the search warrant, we do telephonic search warrants here, halfway thru the search warrant they give the address and the name of the location of the homicide. That location was Top Notch clothing store. The place I had started to talk to Vice about in July of 2015. It’s now December 2016. So, Top Notch was still going strong, after hours club with underage girls and low and behold there’s a murder there. So, I get off the phone I call the homicide sergeant back and I explained to him that, you know, I was concerned about my name being on the search warrant because these people knew who I was and they tried to get their hooks into my daughter, they most likely got their hooks into other girls.

BPE: Before you go any further, where was Top Notch located at?

Tobiasson: At this point in time, Top Notch had moved, when I was first aware of it, it was on Spring Mountain, between Valley View and Arville, what we call Chinatown. By the time it had the murder it had moved to a location at the corner of Flamingo and Decatur. So, the murder happened there. They have surveillance cameras and interestingly enough, the homicide guys called me and asked if I would show the pictures of these four people to my daughter. And I said, “are you out of your mind.” I said there’s no way in God’s green earth that I’m going to have my daughter identify the shooter and the getaway driver in this video for you guys, you know, I mean they haven’t protected her to this point, and I’m like no, that’s not going to happen.

Which turned out to be a really smart move on my part. Ultimately they identified the shooter, they identified the getaway driver and the attorneys for the guy who was the driver of the car that the shooter jumped into, had set up a meeting with his attorney. She had set up a meeting with them and she told them my client is willing to talk to them off the record. Well homicide comes in and interviews the guy, he identifies the shooter for them, but it was agreed prior to the conversation that they would not use his name. But guess what they did. They recorded it, transcribed it and submitted it to the DA’s office in discovery, basically sealing this guy’s death warrant. So they her burned her completely.

BPE: What was the name of that person?

Tobiasson: Antoine. That’s the one who talked to them and gave them the name of the shooter. He went to prison, he got convicted of the murder because Antoine didn’t have a choice but to testify against him because they basically gave the shooter the discovery with his name in it and they said they would never do that. So Antione, the DA’s office agreed to probation for him and there was a visiting judge, because the other judge was on vacation and gave him prison time and nobody ever did anything, let him go to prison. Surprised he didn’t get murdered there, buy he’s out of prison.

That was October 26. I contacted Det. Bluth and I’m pissed. I said to him, “I assume you heard about the murder at Top Notch, I’m not sure why you have blown me off all this time, but maybe now I have your attention. I said maybe now since there’s been a murder at Top Notch, and I asked you guys to investigate that a year and a half ago, and you knew what was going on there, I said maybe now you’ll investigate Shane Valentine.

I said he’s out on bail on a burglary charge, he’s got multiple felony convictions from when he was a juvenile, certified as an adult, he’s pimped out one judge’s daughter, he’s pimped out multiple police officers daughters, he tried to pimp out my daughter, he’s targeting certain families, and you guys just don’t care. And I said I have information on a girl who at this moment is working as a prostitute for him while he’s out on bail on a burglary. Maybe you should do some investigation and do something about it. So he tells me he will be at my office on Thursday afternoon. Thursday comes and goes no call, no show.

BPE: And what detective was that?

Tobiasson: That was Detective Kelly Bluth. So, that following Sunday, coincidentally I was at the jail doing something else and I run into Al Beas, and I was not nice, and I walked up to him and I said, “One question, why do you guys keep blowing me off.”   I go, “I’ve been bringing you guys information about these guys pimping out underage girls and what’s your big talking point on the news, and I said for over a year now, and you guys have been just blowing me off for a year now. You’ve done nothing. You haven’t investigated anything I told you, you made any effort to independently investigate or verify any of the information I’ve given you, and now you got a dead person at a place I told you about a year ago that was an unlicensed club.” I go, “I don’t understand,” and he goes, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, “I talked to Bluth, he was supposed to come to my office and once again, no call, no show.” And he said he’s out of town and I said, “well he has a phone doesn’t he?” And he said, “so we’ll come to your office next week.”

The following week which would have been the first week of October 2016, they come to my office. And it’s Al Beas, Kelly Bluth, and Greg Flores. And I give them information on a girl. The same girl I told you about earlier whose dad was a police officer, who is friends with my daughter. I give them her name, her dad’s name, all of her information, and again I give them Shanes’ information, where he lived, what his story is.

BPE: Why would a pimp be pimping out daughters of cops and a judge, it seems like the stupidest thing to do in the world, why was he doing that?

Tobiasson: No, actually if you know you’re protected, and it’s not the stupidest thing in the world, it’s the smartest thing in the world because I’m the only one who has ever been willing to come forward. Because everybody else (a), in denial of the fact that it was happening or (b), cares more about their job, their political career or their public reputation, than their kids. And I have told my daughter in December of 2015, “I love my job, I would like to do my job for a long time, but I will lose my job in a heartbeat, to save you.” And I told her, I go, “If one of these pimps gets you, I will lose my job, I will lose my freedom, I will lose my life, if that’s what it takes to get you back, but I will get you back if a pimp gets you.”

Tobiasson: You know, here’s the thing. You got Mally Mall paying off these cops to protect his people and his girls and go after the other pimps. Shane worked under Mally Mall, so he’s protected. It explains, and, if you’ve got these kinds of kids, their parents aren’t going to come forward because their parents are embarrassed.

My embarrassment comes from the fact that we have a police department and a DA’s Office who will allow this to happen. They know it’s happening, they pretend they don’t, and they allow our kids, they allow their own colleagues kids, to get trafficked. And then they go on the news and talk about, you know, their passion for going after these human traffickers when they’re sitting back watching it.

I actually subsequently learned that there were cops who hung out at Top Notch, at the club.

BPE: With the underage girls?

Tobiasson: Uh, huh. If someone would talk to Marlon I bet he would tell them. Marlon actually protected my daughter, listen, if my daughter was eighteen, I guarantee he wouldn’t have, but he use to tell my daughter all the time, like I had respect for your mom, she always treated us with respect when we were in the court with her.

BPE: Who is this guy, which guy is this,?

Tobiasson: He was a pimp. He was the one who owned Top Notch, but he had, actually, he wouldn’t let my daughter drink, he wouldn’t let her party, he wouldn’t let her sit back there and smoke the hookahs. He let her hang out there, but according to her, he kind of shielded her from the other stuff. Now, you know, I don’t think the guy deserves any freaking awards, but I do appreciate the fact that he didn’t beat my daughter up and put her out on the Strip. He protected my daughter more than the cops did I can tell you that. That’s pretty sad.

BPE: What was the judge’s name whose daughter was also being pimped out, what was her name?

Tobiasson: [Redacted]. Her daughter recently was working as a prostitute again out of Spearmint Rhino which is also Mally Malls territory. I’m just getting to the good part.

I give these guys this information at the beginning of October of 2015. OK. We already had the murder at Top Notch. Then October 8 of 2016, unbeknownst to me, there is a drive-by shooting at a guy named Neo’s house.

Tobiasson: So Neo, was a kid that was really a good kid in high school, he’s now hanging out with Shane, they’re buddies. Neo is an up and coming pimp at this time. But Neo was taking Shane’s girls and Shane was getting pissed. So on October 8th Shane and Neo have a little tiff in text messages where Shane threatens Neo and says he’s coming to shoot up Neo’s house. Neo says, bring it, gives him the address and the gate code and ten minutes later Shane rolls up to Neo’s mom’s house, with a rental car in his name and fires a round into the house and throws a big giant boulder threw Neo’s moms window.

So, the police go out, it’s ten o’clock in the morning. Neo doesn’t want to cooperate of course, but you have three other witnesses, independent witnesses who lived on the street who gives the vehicle description, license plate number, description of the shooter, which matched Shane. You’ve got the car, registered in his name, you’ve got a piece of the car that fell off in the driveway and you got Neo’s mom gives a description.

Metro closes that investigation two days later, insufficient evidence for prosecution. Okay.

Mid-October of 2016, retired lieutenant Karen, sends me a message on Facebook, unrelated to this investigation. I had made a ruling in a case and she had called in about my decision in that case. As a result of that I reached out to her and I said I’ve got a question for you. I, of course, don’t realize that she is a subject of the investigation either.

BPE: Just so I know, just to get this on the record right now. The subject, when you say the investigation we’re talking about…

Tobiasson: The FBI investigation.

BPE: Right. The FBI corruption investigation reference to the search warrant they executed in 2014 on Mally Mall’s house?

Tobiasson: Correct.


Tobiasson: I didn’t know at that time that she was subject of the investigation or at least part of the investigation. So, I reach out to her and said hey I have a question for you, “What’s going on in Vice?” I said because I have been taking information to them for over a year now, almost a year and a half, and I said they have blown me off, over and over and over and over, again. I said I don’t understand. I said maybe they just don’t give a shit because it’s me. I said but it’s really frustrating and I don’t understand.   And she says, I’ll call over there. She then tells me that she had called over there and it was going to be taken care of.

So, October 25, 2016, at 4:30 in the afternoon I get a phone call from Detective Van Cleef, and he’s frantic, and he says we have a problem. I said what’s the problem? He said I was asked to sit in on an interview today. He goes, I sit down, and the girl comes into the interview and the detective who’s questioning her is a detective by the name of Justine Gadus. She should be in prison for what she did to me, my daughter.

BPE: Who Justine Gadus?

Tobiasson: Yeah.

BPE: What did she do?

Tobiasson: Well, I’ll tell you. She calls (a cop) and says she would like to interview his daughter…So they bring her in for an interview with her police officer father. The first question out of Justine Gadus’ mouth, “Do you know Sara.” “Yes I do, she’s one of my best friends.” The second statement out of Justine Gadus’ mouth. “We got your name from her mom…

BPE: Jesus!

Tobiasson: Yeah. Yep. I get the call from Van Cleef who is beside himself, he goes I don’t know what to do. I said, “how about you get back in there and fix it.” I go, she just put a target on my daughter. You don’t think this guy is going to kill me? He’s not going to kill me, he’s going to kill my kid.” I said, “what is wrong with you people?” I said there is no way that this was an accident. I said no vice detective, I don’t care if they’ve been there for one day, would do that by accident. I go this was intentional. So, he goes back into the interview. He calls me when the interview is over and he’s like, “we talked to her and we told her not to talk to your daughter about it.” I said, “What, are you an idiot?” I said, “she’s on the phone with my daughter right now, I go in fact I bet in thirty-seconds I have a call from my daughter.” Sure as shit I get a text message from my daughter. “Are you serious, you called the police on us?”

So, I bring my daughter and (her friend) to my house, and I tell them you need to get to my house right now, you’re not safe.

BPE: You said you brought your daughter and who to your house?

Tobiasson: The daughter of the police officer, they just outed me to.

Tobiasson: So I bring them to my house. I have to give them the song and dance because I don’t really want to tell them yet, you know, I don’t want to admit to them that at this point I’ve been bringing information to the cops because you know, they’re still young and there still, I don’t want to lose my connection with them. Especially right now. So I give them a song and dance about why the police would do this. I make it very clear to them, they are not safe. When Van Cleef calls me back he said Justine wants to meet with me and my daughter. I told him basically, I don’t want to tell you what I said, but it wasn’t very nice. And I said you guys have a reason for doing what you did, and I don’t know what it is, but I said if something happens to my daughter, we’re going to have a real big problem.

That night, unbeknownst to me at this time, (Sara’s friend) leaves my house, she Tweets, she puts out a Tweet about the fact that she was called in and questioned by Vice.

That night it would have been October 26, 12:30 a.m., Shane, a guy by the name of, he goes by the name of Domo, he’s a pimp, and a girl by the name of Frankie. Shane, Domo, and Frankie, whose step-dad is a police officer by the name of Dano, goes to Neo’s house and execute Neo and his girlfriend, Sydney Land, whose dad is a fire captain.

BPE: Okay. Wait a minute. Who’s Dano?

Tobiasson: Dano is the step-father of Frankie, one of the suspects in the double homicide that happened eight hours after I was outed as the source of information to one of Shane prostitutes who had left him and was now working for Neo. Eight hours later, her new pimp is killed by her old pimp because she puts out on Twitter that she had been called in and interviewed by Vice. They know and everyone else knows that this murder happened as a result of what they did that day.

The first detective, so, this happened Tuesday…

BPE: Who got killed in the shooting, who did they kill?

Tobiasson: Neo Kaufman, the kid who had been doing the burglaries with Shane.

BPE: He got killed?

Tobiasson: He got shot in the head, he got executed, shot in the back of the head and his girlfriend, Sydney Land. Don’t forget, Shane shot up Neo’s house on October 8 and Metro closed the case, insufficient evidence for a prosecution, even though they had three independent eyewitnesses and vehicle descriptions and proof that Shane was there.   Sydney Land, she was a 20-year-old- girl whose dad is a fire captain. She got shot in the face after she got beat up and drug around and had rug burns all over her.

BPE: Has anybody been indicted for this double murder?

Tobiasson: No, it’s like I said they’re covering it up. I’ll finish the story. Here’s what happened. They find the bodies Thursday morning, two days after they’ve been killed. They know immediately that Shane is one of the suspects. They’re able to ping his phone at the apartment at the time of the shooting. But here’s what they don’t do. They don’t call me and tell me. So, Friday night, they find the bodies Thursday morning. For some reason all the kids on the street know it, Shane did it, everything, and the cops don’t know shit.

So I text Det. Van Cleef at midnight on Friday, so it would have been the 28th of October [2016], I said you have any intel on the suspect in the double homicide, knowing that they knew, and he said yeah I heard about that yesterday morning. So I called him, and I said, “you knew yesterday morning that Shane was a suspect in this double homicide that happened eight hours after you outed me as a source of information putting my daughter’s life in danger and you didn’t think that maybe I should get a heads up. That maybe someone should have called me and told me that he was a suspect in this double homicide.” And I told him Tuesday when I go, Shane is a murder waiting to happen, it better not be my daughter. So within eight hours, I was proven right because Shane was involved in the double homicide of these two kids. So he says to me, “oh you guys aren’t in danger, you know he’s on the run, he’s not worried about you guys.” And I said let me explain something to you, he’s already killed two people, you think he gives a shit about two more. I said apparently nobody cares about the crimes he commits so he probably doesn’t have to worry about it.

BPE: And why do you think that nobody cares about the crimes he commits?

Tobiasson: Because they never investigate them, and he never gets arrested for them of course when they are on videotape. I mean they had opportunities over and over and over. I mean he didn’t even get charged in the other case with the other judge’s daughter when he was there, and he was directing her beating.

BPE: And why do you think he is protected?

Tobiasson: Because he’s working for Mally Mall, he’s protected, they’ve been paid to protect him.

BPE: The cops?

Tobiasson: Yes.

BPE: By Mally Mall?

Tobiasson: You’re never going to get them to say that. He acts for Mally Mall. He is associated with Mally Mall. And what I kept saying was, well maybe once the federal investigation became public, my theory was, oh now I understand why they won’t arrest him, Shane, because I said they’re afraid they’ll get Ocean Fleming. He’ll probably dime them out for all the shit they’ve done. And he probably got intel on them. I was right. Just right for the wrong reasons.

BPE: Did you ever contact anybody from the FBI and tell them what’s going on?

Tobiasson: We’re getting there. Yes. The answer to your question is yes. And when Metro found out that I was talking to the FBI, oh what’s his name, he just retired, anyway, yes, I did, and I spoke to somebody for a lengthy period of time and we spoke on burner phones, because we were so afraid that the other FBI agents and Metro would find out that we’re talking because he knew that there were people that he worked with at his agency that if they found out that we were talking he’d be shut down. If Metro finds out…

BPE: Why was that?

Tobiasson: that I’m talking to the FBI and an assistant sheriff contacts the head of the FBI Las Vegas field office, who they called in the agent that I was talking to and tells him he’s not to talk to me anymore, that I’m a problem and that Metro’s concerned that I’m going to go public with my story. Yes, that’s what happened.

BPE: Who was the assistant sheriff?

Tobiasson: I can’t remember his name right now. He just retired. He retired because he had a DUI that Joe Lombardo covered up.

BPE: You’re not talking about Todd Fasulo? [former LVMPD assistant sheriff].

Tobiasson: That’s who I’m talking about, yes I am.

BPE: Who now works for Steve Wynn.

Tobiasson: Who now works for the Wynn and guess what. The head of the local field office, the FBI, [Assistant Special Agent in charge, Patrick Brodsky] is about to go work there too because Todd Fasulo got him a job there. That’s the same head of the local FBI office who told his agent not to speak to me anymore and then I believe that they probably found out that we were still talking, and he got kicked out of the public integrity unit back to the opiate squad.

BPE: What was the FBI agents name that you were talking to, what was his name?

Tobiasson: I’ll tell you his name but I’m trying to still protect him even though he’s not, he won’t talk to me now, so now I don’t have anybody to talk to. I can’t go to Metro, I can’t go to the FBI, and I got Joe Lombardo who’s trying to suggest that I’m involved in drug trafficking and that they’re going to file charges against me for interfering with an investigation, for telling people not to talk to vice detectives because they’re dirty.

They put an infocom out on my car saying, they don’t put my name, they know it’s my car, they say to be on the lookout for this car basically it’s involved in a drug trafficking investigation. And how I found this out as I was doing a search warrant for a narcotics detective and he asked me if I had a certain car still and I said no, but I just bought this particular car and he goes that’s weird, we just got this info about this you know, the same kind of car about being involved in drug trafficking. And I go, well I have the only one in town, well he says clearly it’s not you.

BPE: What kind of car is that?

Tobiasson: It’s a Dodge Demon. And so then I talk to an attorney who had talked to Joe Lombardo and advised me that Lombardo was suggesting that I was involved in drug trafficking. And then I realized that in fact, that was me that they were talking about. I can assure you…

BPE: And you’re not involved in drug trafficking right?

Tobiasson: I can assure you that I am not involved in drug trafficking, never have been and never need to be, never want to be. I’ve always joked and said if I’m ever going to go to prison I promise you it’s going to be worth it. And that would not be worth it.

BPE: Why do you think Lombardo is telling people that you are involved in drug trafficking?

Tobiasson: He told this particular attorney that they know that I meet with this guy who has a prior drug conviction. They mentioned a place that I meet him, which is a bar in Henderson. I was so pissed off. I go, first of all, I’ve known that guy since I was seventeen freaking years old. I said his priors are for marijuana and he’s been my friend forever he builds race cars and he was actually getting me some estimates for one of my other cars to get like a supercharger and stuff. I have a car issue.

BPE: What was the FBI agents name just so I get that on the record, what was his name?

Tobiasson: Kevin White.

BPE: Is he still with the Las Vegas division?

Tobiasson: Yeah, but he got transferred out of public integrity and moved to the opiate task force, even though he’s the one who spearheaded this entire investigation that started in 2014, because apparently, Metro has enough pull to control the FBI behavior here in Las Vegas.

BPE: Do you have any information that that FBI investigation, the alleged FBI investigation, do you really think there is an FBI investigation going on since 2014?

Tobiasson: Well according to Kevin White there is and according to him there’s going to be. Listen, everybody in the world is saying that there’s going to be indictments. But, they started saying they were coming out in February [of 2018]. Then March. Then April. Now it’s May and I don’t see any freaking indictments. And everybody keeps saying, don’t worry, once the indictments come out, you’re going to be okay. You’ll be safe. And I said I should be safe now, but I go I’m not because I can’t call the police and I can’t call the FBI. I go where do I go if something goes wrong. Who do I call?

Tobiasson: Listen, I do not have information on who might be indicted. I have theories, that it’s going to be way bigger than anybody thinks it’s going to be and that its’ going to be many more people than anybody realizes it’s going to be.

So, these murders happened. [Police official] tells me the first three or four weeks after the murders while Shane is on the run what information they have and what proof they have that Shane’s involved. They have his phone ping at the apartment and then what happens is that after the murders the phone is turned off almost immediately and then the next time his phone is turned on, it’s in Baker, California.

He turns his phone off as soon as the murders are committed and then turns it back on in Baker. They wind up catching him sometime later in Burbank, California sleeping in, low and behold the rental car he was in when he shot up Neo’s house. Now after the homicide, they get Neo’s phone and there’s like forty thousand text messages on it. Apparently, Neo never deleted his text. There’s text messages between Neo and Shane, there’s text messages between Allie and Neo confirming that she is having involvement with Neo, prostitution-related involvement with Neo and there are many many other text messages on his phone. I’m advised of this by [police official] that they have this information.

They, therefore, reopen the drive-by shooting at Neo’s mom’s house on October 8 and subsequently filed charges against Shane for that. Even though they didn’t have enough evidence before. I’m told they have Domo’s DNA, that Frankie’s phone pings at the apartment, that they caught Frankie in all kinds of lies and one of the most significant things is that after the two are dead nobody ever text’s them again.

Shane, Frankie and Domo never send them another text. You know, like they know they’re dead. You know how these kids are, they text each other five hundred thousand times a day. They never sent them another text. So there’s a lot more information about how they know that Shane’s involved, but they know. So Shane gets arrested in California, gets extradited back to Vegas and he gets charged with the drive-by shooting and I find out from [police official] that there are four burglaries, now mind you he’s been out on a burglary charge since May and the murders are committed in October.

There were four other burglary cases that were sitting in the DA’s Office that had DNA and fingerprints that tied Shane to those burglaries, that they never filed. He’s out on bail on a burglary, they close the drive-by shooting case that they knew he did, and they have four other cases that they have DNA and fingerprints and they don’t file on them and revoke his bail. Then there’s a [police official] who tells me that they believe he’s good for six hundred burglaries during that time frame that he was out on bail. So there is a significance to them having the text messages between the girl they outed me to, the cop’s daughter, and Neo.

So once those murders happened, they were in fact, she is. But here’s what happened. I make a phone call to somebody I know is tight with the Sheriff and I tell him I think I have something that the sheriff needs to know about. So I told him the story I just told you. And he tells the sheriff and the sheriff calls in homicide and the burglary detective who never did a search warrant, never really followed up on the information I gave them, calls in the officers who closed the drive-by shooting case and he basically makes it look to me like he’s doing something, but I learned later…

BPE: Who was the guy that you told who told the sheriff?

Tobiasson: Kirk Hooten. Right now he works for the PPA, he’s not a sergeant or anything. He’s a friend of Joe Lombardo. So I go to him, he tells Joe. Joe calls in the homicide detective, Joe calls in the burglary detective, he calls in the vice detective, asks them why they, you know, what they did in response to my information and they basically they tell him the only thing they ever did was to walk into Top Notch one time, acknowledged to him that it clearly was not a legitimate business and then acknowledged to him that they did nothing else even though they knew it was not a legitimate business.

BPE: What time frame are we talking about here when this guy went to Lombardo? What month and year are we talking about?

Tobiasson: It was within a week that I found out about that Shane being a suspect.

BPE: That was 2016, what month?

Tobiasson: November. So then he has the conversation with them. He then sets up a meeting with me. I go in there, and I will tell you…

BPE: A meeting with you and Joe Lombardo?

Tobiasson: Yes. So, but prior to that, backtrack a little bit. So I told you about the cop whose daughter was a suspect in the double homicide. I knew him before he was a cop. When he became a cop I was concerned. …that he was actually feeding girls to the pimps and that he was every bit as he was as dirty as they come. And I will tell you this, he retired four days after the double homicide.

BPE: And what was his name again?

Tobiasson: Dano. His other step-daughter is also a prostitute and is very significant to this story. That’s where it gets a little complicated.

BPE: Do you think the FBI agent was told not to talk to you because of the ongoing FBI corruption probe and thought maybe you may jeopardize that investigation somehow?

Tobiasson: No. No, they told him specifically, I am a problem for Metro. Metro’s afraid I’m going to go public and it would make Metro look bad. No, it had nothing to do with them being concerned that it would compromise the investigation. I was giving them information that bolstered their investigation. The FBI is covering for Metro, just like Metro’s covering for Metro.

BPE: I’m trying to find the connection here though. Why would the FBI be covering for Metro during a federal corruption probe? That’s the part that doesn’t make any sense?

Tobiasson: This is different. This is a completely different investigation. The thing I’m involved in although it’s tied to Mally Mall, resulted in three murders. That are not being investigated, that are not part of that investigation. They ignored me for a year and a half, and it resulted in three murders.

And I was giving that information to the FBI in hopes that at some point they might investigate that as well. Whether it had a connection to the ongoing investigation, or it resulted in an additional investigation. I was providing them with information on my situation in hopes that they would investigate it and they shut their agent down and told him to stand down and not to speak to me anymore. They were not investigating this. They were not going to take the information on it, and he was not to speak to me anymore.

BPE: Do you think by talking to that FBI agent that aside from the things you just told me about the murders do you think there was an active investigation with the FBI going on, on Mally Mall?

Tobiasson: Yes. He told me there was.

BPE: But they didn’t want to hear anything?

Tobiasson: I approached him with the most bizarre, I had dinner with a lady who runs a group called Sesame. It’s a group that keeps track of teachers who are accused or convicted of having inappropriate relationships with students and just get sent to a different jurisdiction and keep their teaching licenses, kind of like priests. We had a different issue we were dealing with. I had dinner with her, and I tell her this story and she said I have a friend who’s an FBI agent who works on human trafficking and political or public integrity. She goes he would probably really want to talk to you. I said I will talk to him, I said I was thinking about going to the FBI for a while now. I said but, I don’t know how to go about doing that. And so she sent him a text and said I’m having dinner with somebody who would like to talk to you, they have a story for you, and he said to her, give her my number. And that’s how we made contact.

BPE: I’m just giving you my opinion here, but it sounds like the reason why that FBI agent was told to stop talking to you, because of the ongoing corruption investigation the FBI’s got against Metro and they didn’t want anything at that point to disrupt it.

Tobiasson: No.

BPE: Metro does not control the FBI?

Tobiasson: I’m telling you they control it at the local office. In fact, that FBI agent said that to me. He said, “If I was in any other field office in the country and a local police department called my boss and were upset about me talking to somebody they would tell them to go get fucked.” He said this was the only field office in the entire country where the local police department can call and complain and get the agent to shut up. He specifically said that to me. So, with all due respect, you’re wrong on this one. The FBI agent personally said that. He then gave me a burner phone that he bought, because he didn’t want one in my name. We then spoke on burner phones, and now Joe Lombardo, one of the reasons for suggesting that I’m involved in drug trafficking, is because he knows I have burner phones and I said to the attorney, oh really, let me tell you something, I never had a burner phone in my life until I talked to the FBI. I said the only reason I ever had a burner phone is so that Metro and the FBI wouldn’t know I was talking to an FBI agent. That’s why I have a burner phone.

BPE: I saw the interview that you did with Channel 8 I-Team. Is everything that’s on that interview is what you told them or was that an edited version of your interview?

Tobiasson: Oh, no, that interview, that tape was never intended to go public. I made that tape to, in the event that I was dead and couldn’t tell my story. My attorney wanted me to videotape my story, it’s about four hours, maybe five, in the event that someday I needed it for my protection or in the event that I wasn’t around to tell the story. That’s how concerned they are for me. Then what happens after the, so Lombardo, and I didn’t find out about it until after the story aired, talking to my attorney suggesting that I’m involved in criminal activity and suggesting that they’re going to file charges against me, and my attorney tells me that I think we need to do this story. He doesn’t tell me why he says I think we need to air the story. I said, I agree. I said I don’t know what we’re waiting for, let’s do it, I wanted to do it six months ago. So, they aired the story.

BPE: And that was on April 13, 2018, when they aired it.

Tobiasson: Yes. In response to the airing of that story, five days later, Joe Lombardo, Steve Wolfson the district attorney, Chris Lalli and Robert Daskas, the two assistant district attorneys, and a guy by the name of Chris Larochelle, who is Joe Lombardo’s personal lieutenant, have a secret meeting with my chief judge, who’s the chief judge on Las Vegas Justice Court, trying to get me kicked out of my criminal calendar. But they wanted it to be a secret, they don’t want me to find out about it. They want Joe Bonaventure, the chief judge to come to me and say, he saw the news story and he thinks it creates an appearance of bias against the police department and the DA’s Office and he’s moving me to all civil cases. Well, he doesn’t do that. He advises me about the meeting, and he tells me that as long, I tell him I don’t have a bias against the police department, I go I’m sorry for the other 95% of the officers who have to work with the 5% that are corrupt, and the sheriff.

I said in no way do I think the entire police department are corrupt, I think they’re terrified. So, I find out about the meeting and an article gets written about it. Joe Lombardo has a meeting with George Knapp [KLAS-TV reporter] and his veins are popping out of his neck because he’s so mad and he’s accusing me of being inappropriate and he’s yelling at George Knapp for doing the story because it makes them look bad and that’s where we’re at. Joe Lombardo is so angry, that God only knows what he is going to try to do. But their meeting was so inappropriate that three attorneys told me I should file a federal lawsuit. But that is not what I want to do. I have no interest in that. Here’s what I have interest in. Somethings happening showing what these have been doing or not doing, that allowed these girls to get trafficked. That’s what I care about.

BPE: At some point, Shane Valentine, he’s in prison right now, they did lock him up.

Tobiasson: They just negotiated all of his five burglaries and the drive-by shooting to just three years. He’ll be out before my daughter turns 21. You need to understand my daughter is terrified of when he gets out of prison. Not that he couldn’t kill her from prison.

BPE: I saw the response to the I-Team story in the paper, I guess they did a print version. In there they said they talked to Joe Lombardo, they said his response was basically we did our job, Vice arrested Shane Valentine and he’s now in prison, which is true, he is in prison.

Tobiasson: Vice has never arrested Shane Valentine. Never. Vice has never. Homicide reopened the drive-by shooting and he pleads to burglary because they found out after he was a suspect in the double homicide that he had four burglaries sitting at the DA’s Office that they never filed, even though he was out on bail for another burglary. They had four with DNA and fingerprints, that they never filed.

Nobody has been arrested in the murders, I told you that. He was a suspect in the murders, they have all the evidence they need to make arrests in the murders. [Redacted] told me all the evidence they had that it was Shane, Domo [another pimp] and Frankie [step-daughter of an LVMPD officer]. A month after the double homicide they take him off the case. That never happens. If you start a murder case, you finish a murder case, unless you retire. They take him off the case.

They make another detective the lead detective. His name is Mitch. Guess who he lives by? He lives on the same street as Dano [LVMPD officer, step-father of Frankie]. Do you know why? Because he and Dano have been friends for thirty years and bought houses together on the same street. You know how I know this? Because Dano’s other step-daughter told me this. So now the detective on the case says that Shane Valentine is the only suspect until he says otherwise, does nothing. I have all the text messages between him and Sydney Land’s mom where he says, “we have other cases to work on we’ll get back to your daughters eventually.”

Now, one week, one week after they found out I was talking to the FBI, they did a press conference where they said Shane Valentine is no longer a person of interest in this murder. That was one year and three weeks after the murder happened. And up until the minute that they found out that I was talking to the FBI, Shane was not a suspect. The minute they found out I was talking to the FBI they do a press conference saying he’s not a suspect. The problem is they don’t know that I know what evidence they have. Chances are they destroyed it by now. And the Vice detective who investigated the vice angle to this, has known Dano since before they moved to Las Vegas and became police officers. He is Dano’s other step-daughters god-father.

BPE: I’m still having a very hard time to believe?

Tobiasson: Here’s what I can tell you. They have taken it away from the field office here because of what happened. It was being investigated here, they took it away from them because of what happened.

BPE: When was that, do you know?

Tobiasson: Only in the last few months. And now I have Lombardo threatening to file charges on me because I have the nerve to speak out. He told my attorney that he was going to charge me with interfering with an investigation. There were certain conversations I apparently had with people where I said you shouldn’t talk to a certain detective because they were dirty. My attorney said first of all, you’re not doing an investigation, we’ve even been told the case is cold, second of all, it’s true. Why would you suggest to talk to somebody, to a detective you know is dirty? He’s just trying to scare me.

BPE: When they told you that the case was taken out of the local office, did they tell you where it was going?

Tobiasson: Washington.

BPE: That’s where I figure it should have been from the start.

Tobiasson: Well, it wasn’t there from the start, I can assure you. I’m just telling you it wasn’t. It didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t understand how somebody at Metro could call the FBI and get me basically black-balled so I can’t talk to an FBI agent who was very interested in my story and knew that I was telling the truth. I don’t understand that either.

Tobiasson: Let me tell you something, the FBI agent I was talking to, he will not talk to me, he is so afraid to talk to me because he knows he’ll get fired.   He’s as mind blown as I am. He’s afraid to talk on his phone, his work phone because he doesn’t trust the other agents he works with. I’m not crazy okay.

BPE: No, I don’t think you’re crazy.

Tobiasson: He’s told me. He and I talked at length. We would meet at churches, libraries, so we could talk. He was terrified to be seen with me in public because he knew they wouldn’t want me talking to him. Once he knew my story, he knew what would happen if they found out that we were talking, and he was right. He told me what would happen if they found out we were talking and exactly what he said would happen, happened. So, if it makes sense to you or not, what it should say to you, this is bigger than, this is stuff that they really, really, really don’t want to become public. That’s what it should say to you and that this shit is huge.

BPE: There’s no doubt what you told me if the FBI knew half of what you’re saying, this is a major federal corruption investigation.

Tobiasson: One of the last times I spoke to this agent before he quit calling me and I will tell you this, he’s gotten messages to me to let me know that I’m okay, that he knows what’s going on, he knows I’m scared, and he’s managed to get me messages, but he’s also got me the message that if they ask him if he’s talked to me, he doesn’t want to have to lie. That’s why he’s refusing to talk to me because he doesn’t want, you know, but what does that tell you. That he’s afraid of them finding out. Do you know what I mean?

BPE: Let me tell you this right now? Metro, I don’t care what you believe I’m telling you, Metro is not going to tell the FBI to knock off a federal corruption probe. That is just a bunch of nonsense.

Tobiasson: No, no, no, no. No, no. You miss understood me. I did not say they said to stop the probe. I’m telling you they did not want me to be giving this agent the additional information that I have. This thing with me is a completely separate but huge issue for Metro because it involves judges and police officers and human trafficking and the allowing of it to happen to our children. The ignoring of it when somebody brought it to their attention repeatedly and then the murders.

Tobiasson: What I’m saying is [Former Assistant Sheriff of the LVMPD Todd] Fasulo called the head of the Las Vegas field office and advised them that this guy was talking to me and he was then told to stop talking to me by the head of the local FBI field office [Former Assistant Special Agent-in-charge, Patrick Brodsky].

Tobiasson: Now they’re trying to cover up the homicide where Shane Valentine is a suspect and I believe that’s the reason that Metro does not want this to come out is because if the entire story comes out, it’s going to be clear that their behavior on that case, in this case, created an instance to continue to target our kids, not just judges, and cops, but a lot of kids. It’s not just our kids, you know, our kids are involved, they allowed it to happen, they knew it was happening. In fact, in Trish Spencer’s memo, she said the first time they ever knew of Shane Valentine was in September of 2016. They blatantly lied, saying they never knew Shane Valentine’s name prior to that.


To say what you just read is troubling would be an understatement.

The integrity of the FBI Las Vegas Division compromised by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department?

On January 19 just a few days ago, the podcast, ‘The Murder in my Family’ aired it’s episode 25, an interview with Connie Land, the mother of Sydney Land, one of the victims in the unsolved double homicide. Mrs. Land said, “I believe that the police aren’t going to solve this, either they may want to but it’s in their best interest not to and I’m not going to allow them to sweep this under the rug. I believe truly they don’t want this case solved.”

This story is far from over. Actually, it’s just beginning.

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