Is online bingo as fun as offline bingo? 

Image by Samuele Schirò from Pixabay

While bingo is certainly a great way to win some serious cash prizes, the important thing with any type of betting is that you’re having fun first of all. If you’re just in it for the winnings, then the experience can quickly become a drag and you might even start chasing your losses. 

For many and for a long time, bingo was just this. While there were cash prizes on offer, the point was the community and the enjoyment of the game. 

Many stay away from online bingo because they worry it won’t be as fun as playing in a bingo hall—so let’s look at some of the fun features online bingo has that offline bingo doesn’t. 


It is safe to say that the market has, in recent years, become saturated with online betting platforms and websites. According to Trustedbingo, as of 2021, there are at least 2,600 licensed gambling sites online. While in some ways this has led to poorer quality and even less reliable sites popping up, it has also led to fantastic innovation to set each site apart. 

One of the main ways this is done, especially with online bingo in particular, is by themes and art styles. While, obviously, physical bingo can be themed, online bingo gives you the choice to find a fun theme that really appeals to you. 

And the theme isn’t just a single piece of art in the backdrop of your game. It will be dynamic and interactive, jungle or desert-themed with memorable characters. 

This is something that offline bingo finds hard to replicate! 

Social element 

It may be natural to think that online bingo lacks the social element that is associated with going to a bingo hall. But this is far from true. Most bingo apps and sites provide chat features and even forums so that players can interact with and speak to one another, before, during and after games. 

For most, this just means a way to chat during games. While this might not be the same as talking face to face for some of us, the fact is it is still lots of fun and a great feature for these apps to have. However, it also means players can share tips with one another. 

For many who, for whatever reason, cannot attend a physical bingo hall but want to play anyway, the inclusion of these social features makes the game just as fun as playing in a bingo hall. 

Variety of game styles 

One of the biggest advantages that online bingo has over offline bingo is the number of different versions of the game you can play. Traditionally, most bingo halls offer one of two games: 90-ball or 75-ball bingo. These are lots of fun, of course, but online bingo sites can offer as many as 12 different versions of the game. 

This means that you can’t try all these different game styles and find one that you enjoy the most. Unlike being restricted to a couple of game types with offline bingo, online gives you much more choice and variety. 

You can play fast-paced 30 ball bingo. There are pattern versions of the game where the aim is to create a pattern with your called numbers. 

The point is there is infinite variety in online bingo which you just won’t find in offline bingo. 

So, whether you’re worried about the bland themes or the lack of a social element, the simple fact is that online bingo has all the fun and excitement of offline bingo.