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In These Tough Times, Henny’s Marketing Agency Is Here To Help Your Business Thrive

We are experiencing what many have said to be the toughest time for small businesses as this pandemic has seized to close our businesses. For many small businesses, being prepared was not an option as it came by storm. Henny and his team at Lion Marketing Agency were aware that many businesses will struggle to respond and adjust to the new normal of operating their businesses. For that reason, Henny launched a program that will help small businesses transition their products and services into an online product that consumers can still access.

Lion Marketing Agency is founded by Henok Yeshanew, also known as Henny, back in 2016 and now has turned into a full-service marketing agency with 9 team members. Henny did not come from a marketing background at all but understand how to run a business and the struggles that come with it. After months of training and practicing, he understood that marketing is an integral part of the success of the business. He made it his goal to find a way to help businesses that have the ability to learn the basics of marketing and offer his agency as a mentor.

This program goes beyond helping businesses transition but also creating their own marketing strategy and implement it. Henny and his team offer hours of content for businesses to watch and learn and on top of that, allow small businesses, hours of group, and 1-on-1 consults.  One of the hardest parts for business owners is understanding the importance of having an online presence since most brick and mortar have utilized in-person experiences for decades. Henny mentioned, “We understand that businesses have been accustomed to dealing with customers through in-person experiences and we wanted to teach them that they can do the same thing using their online presence.”

American businesses have been impacted by this pandemic the most due to government shutdown or lack of consumers in their stores. Henny and his team have provided a guideline in which the owners can follow and create streamlined marketing content which will educate their consumers about their product or service and at the same time purchase it without having any kind of contact.

One business owner who enrolled in this program in March has already created and implemented his marketing strategy, which helped them generate revenue through their new eCommerce store. They said, “We are very lucky we found this program, we were able to create our online presence using the guidelines built by Henny’s team and within a month we were able to resume our full operation business and continue to grow/” This is just one example of how this program is helping businesses stay proactive in uncertain times.

Henny and his team have opened up this program to all small businesses in the United States for free. You can sign up and get started right away. You can also book consultation calls with any of the team members to discuss your concerns or idea you have. Henny’s goal is to help as many small businesses survive this pandemic and come out of it stronger as they will be experts in their marketing strategy.

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