Ideas For Affordable Wedding Favors

The trend for gifts that the Bride and Groom give to their guests is quite new, yet very popular, so it is important to be a little creative in astonishing your guests. We must remember that the joy of the recipient, who receives a memorable gift, is invaluable. It is a very kind tradition – let’s not approach it with boredom and the “usual”.

1. Personalized Cookie

Cookies, almonds, and other sweets are the most common party favors, which you can often fit in the budget and are easy to make. If you decide on this form of appreciation – approach it creatively using some nice packaging (such as small jars for spices are inexpensive and look good) or wrap the boxes in labels with your wedding motif. You may personalize them even more by providing additional printed labels with your very own message.

2. Custom Koozie

Spoken gratitude is always a good idea, but more and more often we turn to the favors that our guests can take home. With custom Koozies from Express Imprint, you will provide three profits in one element – the practical advantage of our Koozie – thermal insulation, a way to express your gratitude, and a personal and unique message designed specifically for that person. Of course, remember that our Koozie changes colors according to the theme and decor of the event.

3. The Key of Dedication

Acknowledging guests with the key can be of special importance. It is a material thing that they will keep and at the same time one that we can prepare in a very personal way. Immediately, the thoughts wander to the message of thanks for the help in opening new doors of life. The preservation of such key allows for the future happiness and joy.

4. Creative Seedling Sapling

The perfect gift on the new way of life, symbolism referring to the care of the plant as it was love. You can give a succulent, a small plant to the rockery, flower, bamboo, herbs or a tree seedling. There are many plants that are easy to buy in large quantities and a miniature version. Add cute flower pots, even an ordinary glass will do, and voila!

5. A Tiny Jar of Honey

If you have an apiary nearby that offers honey and has the opportunity to pack it in small jars in large quantities – take this opportunity. If not – buy miniature jars or bottles and pour it over to them. Such a sweet gift makes an amazing impression. To appear more personal, attach a label with the wedding date and thanks.

6. “DIY Instant” in a Jar

Surely you came across the idea of preparing a quick brownie, consisting of mixing a few ingredients and “baking” it in the microwave. A similar solution can be used as a gift – packing it beautifully in layers in a jar. And it can also be a homemade hot chocolate, instant coffee or an idea for a cake! Anything beautifully arranged in layers is an astonishing proposition for a unique party favor.

7. Album of Favorite Songs of Bride and Groom

Each couple has their favorite songs – the ones that create new memories and belong just to them: the memory of their first kiss, the first joint cycling trip, or a successful holiday. It’s worth using and creating a beautiful compilation in a personalized box to share those joys with others. If you could still wrap the CD – it would be fabulous. Another solution are decorated pendrives, which will contain memories of the Bride and Groom.

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