How to use a Social Media QR code generator and increase your social media followers?

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As social media is one of the fastest-growing online platforms where people engage with content that are placed, businesses and social media influencers are taking this platform to new heights to promote the product and brand they are building online.

QR code experts are introducing a new way to improve your social media engagements and followers with QR codes by using a QR code generator that provides a solution that enables the inclusion of all of your social media profiles in one landing page.

With the comeback of QR codes in the twenty-first century, it’s no surprise that they’re being used in every way possible. As a result, QR code experts are sharing their success with using a  social media QR code generator in improving their engagements and followers in social media.

Ways to improve your social media followers with QR codes

A new way to improve your social media engagements and followers as a company or social media influencer has been established. Users can expand and improve their connections by using QR codes. To achieve this improvement, QR code experts recommended five ways to use QR codes to increase a company’s or influencer’s social media engagements and followers.

1. Always engage with your prospect and existing followers.

Maintaining your engagement with your prospect and existing followers is one way to improve your QR code engagement. You will no longer have to bother your prospect followers by searching your username in the search bar if you use social media QR codes to maintain your engagement with them.

2. Match your QR code design with your branding elements.

Having a great QR code design can increase the scanning rate by 130%. Because of that, the QR code experts recommend companies and influencers to redesign their QR code and match it with their brands. One way to do it is by applying a personalized QR code design in their social media QR code.

3. Consider the right social media campaign QR code placement.

As social media has been labeled the businessmen’s digital space for humanistic interaction online, creating an eye-catching social QR code design is critical in increasing your engagement and followers. As a result, QR code experts advise users to consider the proper QR code placement in their social media campaigns.

To achieve the best QR code placement, users should always remember to place their QR codes at eye level, on flat surfaces, and in areas where people can scan them easily. They can increase QR code scans in this manner, resulting in increased social media engagement and followers.

4. Crosspost your QR code on other social media platforms

Some businesses and social influencers include links to their profile pages on other social media platforms. Because only a few people will visit your profile page and click the link, QR code experts present a new game-changing solution that users can integrate with. They can occasionally crosspost their social media QR code using QR code technology without having to search for you in the search bar. This allows them to jump right into engaging with you and exchanging ideas about the products or service you provide.

5. Create an offline to online social media venture

Some social media influencers and businesses are using traditional marketing methods such as print marketing to take risks in increasing their social media followings and engagements. Newspapers, brochures, magazines, flyers, and posters are examples of marketing materials. They can bridge the traditional marketing platform, offline, to online marketing platforms by using QR codes.


Social media is one of the most-sought after online platforms that companies use to introduce themselves in the digital business world. Because of the growing competition among small and large businesses, one of their top priorities is to improve their social media engagements and followers.

You can keep up with their connection improvements in a smart and innovative way by using Social Media QR codes. To fully adapt the QR code way of gathering more followers, you can integrate a QR code generator with logo as QRTIGER available online and start improving your social media marketing journey.

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