How to Tell If Somebody Has Real Feelings for You 

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You’ve been going out for a while and he’s been really nice. He is clearly interested in you and you’re having a good time together, but is he serious about you? As much as you’d like to hear him say “I love you”, words don’t come easy to most guys.

So how do you assume if someone loves you? That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this post. Check out the 5 signs someone is in love with you. Let’s dive in!

They pay more attention to you

You know he’s into you when he stopped visiting, that’s for sure. But jokes aside, when someone loves you, they will use every opportunity to spend time with you.

Even if his day is planned by the minute, even if he’s busy from 6 am to 10 pm, he’ll find a way to meet you. People always do. We don’t make excuses for things that are important.

If the guy is really into you, you’ll know it. Be sure that he’ll drive by your office from another part of the city if you ask for it. Besides, you’ll never see him scrolling Facebook feed while hanging out with you. That’s another important moment. When you are together, he will give you his full attention and eagerly participate in a conversation.

They remember the little things 

How to know someone loves you? If they remember how much sugar you put in your coffee, or which restaurant you were going to visit the other day, these are sure signs someone likes you. With the amount of information flowing through our brains every day, there is no way he would remember such little things about if he didn’t have feelings for you.

When we like someone, we always look for similarities. We try to find every possible point of contact to get closer to the person, and to reinforce our belief that they are good for us. That’s where the attention to detail comes from. So, don’t be surprised if he takes you out for a dinner to that restaurant you casually mentioned last week. It means he really likes you.

They introduce you to the important people in their life 

One of the most obvious signs he wants to say “I love you” is when he introduces you to important people in his life. You know he’s serious when he takes you to all the parties with his friends and most certainly when he introduces you to his family. If you met his mom at his initiative, rest assured, he definitely likes you.

It also works in the opposite direction. If you’ve been dating for half a year already and you still haven’t seen anyone from his circle, he might not be so serious about you. Pay attention to his behavior. Maybe, he’s hiding your relationship? If that’s the case, you might want to reconsider whether you want to stay with this guy.

They do things just because

If you don’t know how to tell if someone loves you, pay attention to the way they act around you. Do they keep surprising you with little things for no reason? When they randomly give you flowers or meet you on your way from the gym with your favorite post-workout smoothie, they like you. Those simple gestures are more eloquent than any words.

We are willing to go the extra mile for people we care about. If he didn’t have serious feelings for you, he wouldn’t even try to come up with anything special. Similarly, if all his gestures are limited to laconic DMs like “sup?” or “want to hang out?” at 2 am, we’d assume he doesn’t really like you. Surely, it might make you smile as well, but you should probably let him go.

They want to know more about you 

If the guy has real feelings to you, he’d want to hear all your stories. He’d ask you to show him your high school pictures and show him where you used to study. In other words, if he’s serious about you, he’ll be very interested to know more about your present and past.

Likewise, he’ll be happy to tell you more about his life. If you’re planning to be together for a long time, it’s a natural desire to learn more about your partner and get to know them better. Be sure you don’t just talk about yourself but ask to share as well.


These are the top 5 signs someone is in love with you. Hopefully, our tips will help you find out how your partner feels about you. Happy dating!