How to teach a dog the ‘Bark’ command?

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Before you start training, you need to carefully study the character and breed characteristics of your pet. There are dogs that do not like to make any sounds, and some, for example, Basenji, simply do not know how to do it. German Shepherds, Labradors, Spitz, and other popular breeds, for the most part, learn this command very quickly.

Three Ways to Teach Your Dog to Use the Voice


There are several ways to teach the “Bark” command, let’s consider the three most popular ones:

Method 1: Try to take away

Take your dog’s favorite toy and start teasing him. Bring the toy close to her nose and then quickly hide it behind her back. Most dogs quickly get turned on by this game and begin to demand an item with the help of their voice. If your dog is more interested in food than play, then use his favorite treat.

If the pet continues to be silent, then do the following: put on a harness, fasten the leash and tie it to a tree, or step on the leash with your foot. Now show him the toy or food again and lift it up so that he cannot reach it. Tease him with a toy or food and verbal tease. As soon as the dog sheds at least once, immediately praise him and give him the toy. If the dog does not bark, but whines or squeaks, then this behavior does not count. Repeat the exercise about five times and then enter the voice command “Bark”. The command should be given every time the dog is about to bark. After a few repetitions, the pet will learn to bark just by hearing the command.

Method 2: Is dinner canceled?

This method should be practiced during the morning or evening feeding of the dog. Enter the kitchen, leaving your pet outside the door. Place a bowl full of food, then open the door and show the food to your dog. Place the bowl on the floor so the dog can see it through the crack but cannot reach it. Talk to your dog to encourage him to bark. Keep in mind that during training, the dog will cross first. Depending on the strength of your dog and the material of the door, marks may remain. When the pet speaks, praise and feed him. Repeat the exercise periodically to consolidate the skill.

Method 3: An example to follow

If you can’t teach your dog the Voice with the help of treats and toys, then you can use the method of imitation. To do this, find a dog that already knows how to bark on command and sit it next to yours. Command “Bark” to the first dog and demonstratively reward him. Repeat the exercise several times so that your dog understands what’s what. If you don’t have a second dog, you can ask your friend to bark or do it yourself.

Try not to practice the “Bark” command for a long time, otherwise, the pet will get used to barking with or without reason.

Good luck with your training!

With love for your dogs, DogRook!

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