How To Stay Healthy While Killing It At Work

There’s a lot of talk these days about work/life balance. It is well accepted that if you spend too much time working, you’ll ultimately burn out, sabotaging both your career and your personal life. We’re all trying to achieve that elusive balance, but anyone working a nine-to-five knows that true balance is impossible.

Let’s face it, you only have so many hours in a day. If you spend eight of those hours working, you have limited time to split between your family, your hobbies, your friends, and your health. Most likely, you get home exhausted and any lofty plans you’ve made seem like little more than pipedreams.

However, health is not something that you can afford to compromise. You have to take care of it no matter how little time or energy you have. The good news is that you can stay healthy without compromising your career or missing out on spending time with your family.

Here’s what you can do to keep healthy.

Eat nutritious meal kits

At the end of a work day, few people want to go home and cook. While some enjoy it, most of us would rather get takeout or subsist on unhealthy snacks. An unhealthy diet leads us to feel lethargic, with even less energy to take care of ourselves, creating a vicious cycle.

A great solution to this is to use low carb meal delivery kits. These kits arrive at your door with all the ingredients of a nutritious meal chopped and ready for you to cook. Anyone can do it without putting in all that much effort. You get a nutritious home-cooked meal at a reasonable price without having to put yourself out.

You can get meal kits that cater to any kind of nutritional eating plan, including vegetarian and vegan kits.

Workout hacks to save time

Who has time to go to the gym every day? Even if you don’t feel too exhausted to spend an hour working out, where do you fit that hour in? It comes with a lot of admin as well, with the time spent getting there, finding parking, and so on.

But your workouts do not need to last an hour. They don’t even have to get close. With workout hacks like HIIT (high-intensity interval training), you can achieve your goals in a fraction of the time.

HIIT works by keeping your heart rate at a high level for the entirety of a short workout (as little as fifteen minutes). Instead of working out for an hour with limited results, you stuff it all into a short and more effective period of time.

You can save even more time by using smartphone apps to help you workout at home rather than going to the gym itself. Sworkit, the Men’s Health app, and more all offer specialized workouts that don’t require any equipment.

It’s not all-or-nothing

Many of us give up on our healthy New Year resolutions by February because we are not keeping to them. But it shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing matter. You can start with baby steps. Any steps you take will make a difference, and you’ll feel their effects. Start with some nutritious meals and workouts you can do on your own!