How To Properly Fish A Chatterbait

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If you are wondering how you can fish properly using chatter baits, you’re in the right place. In this quick guide, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to get it done. Using chatter baits is the best option for those who want to go after the largest bass possible.

With so many new innovations and products that have been released over the years, there are plenty of anglers that are always looking for ways to land the big monsters. But chatter baits seem to be the go-to option for most. If you haven’t had any luck with bass fishing as of late, keep reading.

By the time you’ve finished, you won’t want to wait any longer to grab the chatter bait you need and hit the water. With that said, let’s get started.

What Is A Chatterbait?

Chatterbait is a brand name for a certain jig that is made for bass fishing. What sets itself apart from other jigs on the market is the skirt it has attached to it. Plus, it has a special blade designed within the jig itself to ensure that your bass is hooked in and stays hooked.

The blade itself tends to vibrate when it moves from one side to the next. And it creates a lot of movement within the water. If you want a jig that can move at various speeds, then a chatterbait might be just what you need.

When Is The Best Time To Fish With Chatterbait?

The short answer to this question: anytime. As long as you got one tied on, you can fish with it any time you please. That’s because there really is no time of day or year that is considered perfect.

If you feel that chatterbait has been contributing to your fishing success, you can use it for as long as you like. A good time to be using it is when you don’t seem to be getting any luck with your current bait of choice (lures, live bait, etc.). If you are not satisfied with what you’re currently using, you might as well change it up a bit until you are able to find some success.

The Best Way To Fish With Chatterbait

Because it’s a versatile lure, you can fish it both on the surface or underwater. You’ll want to keep it simple when it comes to where you want to catch those bass. All you need to do is cast and retrieve as usual.

However, you’ll want to let the chatter bait to sink a little bit so you can try and get some hits down below. Sometimes you’ll have luck up top, but you’ll want to split it up a bit and let it sink underwater a few feet (depending on how deep the water it). Keep in mind, you’ll feel some vibration as it’s typical with chatter bait because of the blade.

Also, rod position is important. You’ll need to keep the tip of your rod down so it forces the line through the guides. Because of this, the vibration produced by the bait will transfer through the line itself.

You’ll want to pay close attention to the vibration of the chatter bait. The feeling will be slight, but it will grow in intensity if the fish are biting on it. If it gets to be a little too intense, there’s a good chance that a bass has latched on and it’s time to reel in.

Final Thoughts

If you want to fish properly with chatter bait, we hope that this guide helps. You might have the best possible chance at catching those monster bass with bait like this. When standard lures in your tackle box won’t do, give chatter bait a try and see if your results change.

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