How to Prepare your Home for Airbnb

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Putting your home up on Airbnb is a great way to introduce globetrotters to your little corner of the world, and to make some pocket money in the process. If you do things right, then you might turn the pastime into a full-time occupation.

But to attract travelers, you’ll need to make sure that your home is up to scratch. Let’s assess a few of the steps worth taking to get your home Airbnb-ready.

Lockdown the bedrooms!

Your guests are going to be sleeping for the first time in a stranger’s house, in what might be an unfamiliar country. To give them a little more peace-of-mind, install locks on the bedroom doors. There are many sorts to choose from, but the digital variety work best.

Make the most of your storage

The more room your guests have to put away their valuables, the less cluttered things will feel. You can get really clever with this sort of thing, putting hooks on the back of wardrobe doors.

Provide Connections

Your guests will always have phones to charge and emails to check. Be sure that your WiFi is reliable and secure, and provide USB sockets in all of your guest rooms. It’s also worth keeping one of every possible sort of phone charger, just in case your guests need them.

Get a Safe

Guests will want to be able to keep their valuables secure. Investing in a safe will put across that you’re taking their security seriously, even if they don’t end up using it.

Provide Kitchen Access

Many travelers will look to cut back on their holidaying costs by preparing their own meals. By granting them access to their own kitchen space, you can allow them to do just this. Even a personal microwave, fridge and kettle will do the job.


The more spacious your room looks, the more likely that guests will be to want to sleep in it. This means having a clearout of all the old junk you aren’t using. Get a few bin liners and ruthlessly sort through everything on your shelves. Note that just because we want the place to look bigger doesn’t mean we should try to exaggerate the size with clever photography – your guests are likely to be angry and disappointed if they turn up to something half the size they expected.


Similarly, you’ll want to keep the house spotless. Invest in specialist equipment from a reputable retailer like SGS, or outsource the job to a professional cleaner.

Use Room Dividers

If you’re renting out a shared room, then it’s important that each guest enjoy a little bit of privacy. You can provide this with the help of a few room-dividers.

Use Blackout Curtains

While stylish blinds might look the part in a communal area like a kitchen or living room, they’re not right for the bedroom. A set of heavy curtains with a blackout lining will allow your guests to sleep in undisturbed.