How to keep asthma under control and enjoy your summer

People with asthma have a difficult time during hot weather. Getting to know how to manage your asthma during the warm season will help you enjoy the summer with your friends, and allow you to take part in most of the fun activities. Let’s expound on some tips that you can use to get through the scorching summer.

Be prepared

When temperatures fluctuate, you are likely to have flare-ups. These are the situations when your asthma is triggered due to weather fluctuations. When you encounter such weather conditions, make sure you have your emergency medication nearby.

Plan ahead

Before the summer season gets here, you can plan. Do not let the heat catch you off guard. You can check the Pollen Count or the Air Quality Health Index of your local area. These are important factors to consider when you want to venture out and enjoy the day. When you notice that the pollen count is high and the air quality is poor, it is best to stay indoors. You may also choose to use a mask or respirator of some sort on, particularly difficult days. It might get in the way of enjoying the summer activities, but as they say, better safe than sorry.

Stay Cool

During warm weather, it is important to cool off. When spending time outdoors or doing any activity, try and duck under shade for a couple of minutes. If you’re indoors, or within your home, go and sit near the air conditioning unit and cool off.

A refreshing swim can also do the trick. Whichever way you decide to cool yourself, make sure you do it to keep the heat from inducing an asthma symptom.

Do your activities early

When you plan to participate in outdoor activities, try and make them in the early part of the day. The mornings are often cool, and you can spend more time outdoors before problems arise. You will avoid the hottest part of the day which is the afternoons by doing your exercises in the morning when the quality of the air is better, and you can tolerate the temperatures.

Pick your battles

During hot and humid days, more often than not, it is best to stay indoors and avoid the heat. This is even more important when you check and find the pollen levels are high. Know when you can go out and play, and when to be cozy in your house in your favorite seat watching some movies.

Asthma Action Plan (AAP)

When you know when your asthma flares up, it is easy to plan on what to do next. All year long, and especially during the summertime, when you have an asthma action plan in place, you will be in a position of managing your asthma safely and even before it happens. Have an Advair Diskus coupon in your bag so that you can get the medication when you need it at a cheaper price.

Drink plenty of water

It is known that our bodies require plenty of water, but when you have asthma, you have to stock up lots of water during the warm and hot weather. Stay hydrated when you venture outside or even when you are indoors, the water will help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool when it is scorching hot.

Keep windows closed

Your car, office, or bedroom windows should be closed because it will help to avoid triggering an asthma flare-up. During the summer, in some areas, the pollen levels increase significantly. Use the air conditioning instead during such times.

Air conditioning helps to avoid aggravating allergies. Your air conditioner filters should often be changed to keep them free from dust.

Be smart

If you plan to enjoy the scorching heat, then make sure you are smart about it. Keep your medication out of the sun or in places that will make them too hot. For instance, most people put their medicine in the glove compartment and leave the car in the sun, this will reduce the effectiveness of the medication, and it will not help when you need it.

Know when it is time to stop engaging in exercises or outdoor activities. Do not play too hard to keep up with your friends; your health comes first. Take breaks, emergency medication, or water when you need it.


In the summer, we all want to soak up the sun as much as we can before the winter season kicks in. It does not mean that you put yourself at risk just for the few hours of fun in the sun. Make sure you are ready for anything that can happen; to be on the safe side, keep a bottle of water and your medication close. Additionally, ensure that you know the route to the nearest clinic or pharmacy where you can use your Advair Diskus coupon to get medication. Make use of these tips, and you will have a fantastic summer.