How to get more Deep Sleep

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Sleep is one of the most important activities to remain healthy and fit. A lot of people nowadays are undermining the value of sleep and are cutting their sleeping hours. However, such practices can lead to diseases like depression and diabetes. Lack of sleep also causes weight gain. Moreover, if you do not get enough sleep, your memory can be affected and your immune system and your heart will also fall under attack. So if you are someone who is missing out on sleep due to a hectic lifestyle, know more details about how to modify your routine to get ample hours of sleep.

Prepare a Sleep Routine

Before you actually go to sleep make a routine that would help you fall asleep faster. This technique can be applied to both children and adults. You can take a hot bath, listen to your favourite soothing music and by doing so create an atmosphere that invites sleep. The trick is to indulge in your favourite activities just before sleeping. You can also consider exercising for sometime before you go to sleep. The process will physically tire you and afterwards, when you will go to bed, sleep will come to you naturally and smoothly.

Using Scents in Bedroom

Using soothing scents in your bedroom area is another proven way of relaxing your body that gradually helps you to fall asleep. You can use lavender scented scents to create a lazy atmosphere and gradually drift into the state of sleep. You should use you’re the scent that is your favourite in order to relax the atmosphere. However, make sure that the smell of the scent you are using is not too wild, as it will then cause you a headache and there will be problems in terms of falling asleep.

Using right Pillow and Mattress

A great deal of how you will sleep depends on the kind of bed you are sleeping. You should choose your pillowand mattress carefully so that they enhance your process of sleeping and not work as stumbling blocks. Make sure your pillow is neither too soft nor too hard. The same goes for your mattress as well. Moreover, the sizes of your pillow and mattress should match that of your bed so that there is no uncomfortable feeling. Your entire body should fit in your mattress and your legs should not hang out of the bed. The ideal mattress will have some space left even after you have stretched yourself completely on the bed. To ensure peaceful sleep, buy a mattress that fits your bed perfectly and is soft enough to relax.

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Prepare a Clean Bed

A clean bed is an ideal place to sleep. You should not keep your bed untidy and then try to sleep on it. It will cause you discomfort and you will not be able to sleep peacefully. Make sure to clean your bed completely before sleeping. There should be no unwanted item on the bed. It should only consist of pillows and mattress. A number of people pile their things up on their beds and they do not remove them at the end of the day for being too tired or lazy. So make it a point of not piling up things in your bed. Do not create a mess on your bed that you will have to clean at night. If you bed remains clean throughout the day then you will not have to take the responsibility of cleaning your bed at the end of the day.

Eat Right

Make sure you are eating the right kind of dinner. Too spicy dinner can lead to a stomach upset that will hamper your sleep. You should ear light food as dinner so that it gets digested easily and does not cause any trouble while sleeping. You should also not sleep immediately after eating. Sit up or walk around for at least an hour before you go to sleep after dinner. You should also focus on eating healthy throughout the day. If you do not eat right throughout the day then you may face the problems of acidity or stomach ache that will hamper your sleep. In order to sleep undisturbed, you should follow a healthy eating routine. You should avoid junk food and eat vegetables rather. You should also drink plenty of water so that your body remains hydrated. A dehydrated body will not allow you to sleep peacefully.

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Drink proper Liquid

You should also not drink anything and everything at night as it would hamper your sleep. You should avoid drinking juice at night as it contains sugar. You should go with plain water or lukewarm milk as night time drinks.

Indulge in some Physical Activity

Your body needs to be physically tired in order to have a good sleep. You should include some physical activity in your daily routine for this purpose. It may be freehand exercising, jogging or doing yoga. You can select the time according to your availability. But make sure that you keep physical activated in your daily routine. If you do not get much time to exercise, you can also choose to simply walk or use the stairs instead of the elevator. These small changes will bring big differences to your sleeping pattern.

Overall, you should work towards changing your lifestyle if you notice that you are not getting enough sleep. Make sure you do not compromise on the hours you sleep and know more details about the benefits of getting proper hours of sleep and rest. Sleeping for proper hours will keep your mind active and fresh and you will be able to perform better. However, if you lack sleep, then you will gradually become slow as tiredness will hover on you all through the say. Lack of sleep also hampers concentration. If you are a student who is not sleeping for enough hours then it would be difficult for you to do well in your studies. Make it a point to go to bed early and waking up early after getting proper hours of peaceful sleep.