When should you take diet pills; Before or after a workout?

There are three types of diet pills around that you can buy online, and they work in one of three ways; they either kill your appetite, rev up your metabolism so fat is burned off faster, or interfere with the way your body absorbs fat from food so you digest less fat overall.

There’s plenty of debate on the pros and cons of each approach, but here we are focusing mainly on one important question. Does it actually matter whether you take diet pills or supplements before or after a workout? The answer is a less than decisive – it depends, but in most cases these pills are in fact taken before food, therefore before a workout – unless you are a fan of indigestion!

Diet pills are all about boosting your body up in some way, by providing extra energy or drawing on the energy produced from food to boost fat metabolism, so it makes sense that taking them around meals, which are naturally eaten before a workout is the most effective way to use them.

Diet pills which are best taken before working out

If your main motivation for taking a fat-burning supplement is to lose weight while on a serious training program then it makes sense to take that kind of pill before you hit the gym. Combining a proven fat-burning supplement timed to get the most benefit from a carefully planned and very nutritious food plan, and the right kind of exercise could easily send your fat-burning levels into overdrive. You can find out more about training plans and supplements through Diet Pill Reviews, where they properly look into the different areas that can make huge changes in your body.

This means that on workout day you should make taking your diet pill supplement the first thing you do upon waking, and around thirty minutes before you eat. This really gets your metabolism working hard, which in turn mean you are going to be burning up that unwanted fat and the day has hardly started! That leaves loads of time for things to move even faster once you eat a nutritious breakfast and fuel your system once more.

If you prefer to exercise later in the day it’s still best to take the diet pill first thing, then a half dose before training if your energy is flagging.

Typical thermogenic fat burners which you will see in diet pills and supplements are: green tea or green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, and caffeine. Take note of the level of caffeine products contain, as if you have a high tolerance for that you will do better with a supplement at the higher level end of the scale.

You can add in an extra pill or supplement if you particularly want to reduce body fat as well as drop pounds. In this case consider adding Acetyl L-Carnitine (also own as ALCAR) and help that fat melt away. It works by attaching itself to fat molecules and tricks the body into using the fat as priority fuel. You may also want to add CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), which has a great reputation for breaking down and shifting fat which has previously been hard to shift. A diet pill which contains a decent level of CLA releases special enzymes that attack the stubborn fat around your belly and thighs. For the maximum effect it’s fine to combine CLA and ALCAR as their actions complement each other brilliantly.

Information on other diet pills


Also own as Alli, this is a diet pill which can be taken up to one hour after eating (definitely no longer), but in most cases it is taken before food, and therefore before a workout, as it isn’t wise to train on a full stomach. This cuts weight by reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs, so for best results take this with a meal and then work out afterwards when it is comfortable to do so.


This brand covers a range of supplements, including pills, gummies and shakes. The pills have several ingredients, including wild olive and wild mint extract, caffeine, and komjin extract. The caffeine helps boost both fat burning rates and general metabolism which can lead to some exciting weight loss results. Hydroxycut should be taken around thirty minutes before beginning any form of exercise.

Glucomannan (also known as konjac)

This is a little different from the usual diet pill as it is made from a natural product – a kind of dietary fiber which is water-soluble and sourced from the roots of a yam. This product is capable of absorbing a lot of water, so it works by creating a feeling of fullness which should lead to smaller portions of food being consumed. Konjac also reduces the amount of fat and protein absorbed into the body. It must be taken before eating or there will be no obvious benefit, so it follows that you use this supplement before working out.


Sometimes hailed as a wonder diet pill, this was created by two scientists who claim the overall effect is a pill which lowers the speed at which fat cells multiply, so there are less roaming around in the bloodstream, and those already in the body are burned up faster. There are only two ingredients in this pill, a flower called sphaeranthus indicus and a fruit called garcinia mangostana, and both have a historic pedigree of being used as traditional medicines. This diet pill should be taken before eating, so again it is a pre-workout supplement.

There are very few diet pills around which are promoted as being more effective if taken after a workout or other form of exercise, instead the majority are linked closely to food intake. As food fuels a workout, but doesn’t do much for your digestion if eaten right after a hard training session, there are naturally more opportunities to consume diet pills before workouts rather than after them.

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