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How to Deal with Power Outages in the Fall?

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If you live in an area prone to bad weather, heavy snow, and storms, it is a great idea to learn the art of dealing with a power outage. It will make your days without electricity go without too many hassles and help you comfortably survive the challenging days. Here are a few tips that will help you during a power outage.

Tip 1: Prevent Frozen Pipes

Cold temperatures can freeze the water pipes, resulting in serious flooding in the house. This can make your no power outage days worse, so prepare by keeping the pipes warm. Here is how you can achieve this.

  • Allowing the faucet to drip.
  • Keeping the interior doors open, so heat from the house transfers to the pipes and keep them warm.
  • Wrap the pipes with newspapers, blankets, and towels.
  • Use fiberglass or foam rubber to sleeve up the ceiling and wall pipes.

Tip 2: Get a Power Generator

Getting a power generator like the Predator 3500 is a smart way to survive the power outage days in the most comfortable way. It helps you access the essential household appliances even after a flood, hurricane, or heavy storm. It is useful in many ways including:

  • A power generator can keep the air conditioner and heater alive, so you don’t fall ill when the home becomes too cold for the season.
  • The power generator will help you live a normal life even during an emergency, with your laptop and refrigerator working fine, so you don’t have to stress about anything.

Tip 3: Stock Perishable Food

A power outage can come with plenty of challenges if you don’t have a generator. So prepare in the first place by stocking essential items like milk, eggs, medicines, and healthy snacks, from a nearby grocery store. Also, remember the following points:

  • Keep atleast a three-day supply of nutritious food, consisting of protein and calories. You can buy canned food from a trusted source.
  • Store the canned food in the refrigerator, we know the refrigerator is useless without electricity, but it will still help in insulating your canned food.
  • Get yourself a gas grill or small propane tanks ready, they become savior during emergencies like a power outage in winter.

Tip 4: Get Emergency Water Supply Ready

Your usual water supply might get damaged or may not be able to help you during a power outage. So prepare by storing at least five to six gallons of portable water. In this way, you won’t be running out of water for straight 3 days. Here are some useful tips:

  • Store the water in standard gallon jugs and small bottles, so it stays safe to drink for some days. You can also buy a durable water storage container to keep all the water in one place.
  • To avoid contamination issues, remember to boil the stored water before drinking it.

Tip 5: Get a Flashlight, Lantern, and Some Extra Batteries

Keep battery-powered LED lanterns and flashlights ready to deal with the power outage. They will help you easily access the house during darkness and survive during bad weather until the power comes back.

  • Remember to keep a stock of batteries ready because we mostly have no idea when electricity will be back at home.
  • Buy lanterns and flashlights from a trusted brand, so they don’t fail when you need them the most. Do check their reach and light intensity before purchasing them.

Tip 6: Emergency Radio

Depending on the gravity of the situation, there might be severe network problems and you won’t be able to access the internet or call someone urgently. Use emergency radio for communication and getting regular updates from the local authorities. There are plenty of benefits to owning an emergency radio.

  • They are designed to last long, so you can stay updated about what’s happening around.
  • Good for off-network calls, so you can check up with neighbors and friends to check they are alright during a storm or order an essential from the local government authority.


Power outages during the winter season can be intimidating at first. But with the right preparation, precautions, and care one can deal with them easily. We hope our tips will help survive the power outage comfortably without suffering from so many inconveniences and challenges.

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